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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MOORE, Floyd P. "Archie"2000-06-16JHOC-M
MOORE, Frank L., Sr.1991-04-09Memorial Card OnlyGOC-19
MOORE, Gladys C. Rohrbacher [Mrs. Paul E.]1994-09-27MFC-B-M-5A
MOORE, Gladys I. [Mrs. David]1999-04-27JHOC-M
MOORE, Gladys Taylor [Mrs. W. Scott]1997-01-31JHOC-M
MOORE, Harold L. ‘Vern"1996-07-28JHOC-M
MOORE, Helen P. (Datsko) [Mrs. Clarence T. "Windy"]2000-07-09JHOC-M
MOORE, Idlia2000-10-18JHOC-M
MOORE, Ira F.2010-01-26+PhotoMFC-M-R-28
MOORE, Jennie M. (Ray) [Mrs. George E.]2001-04-18JHOC-M
MOORE, Jon Lynn1996-06-24JHOC-M
MOORE, Joyce Lindh, Rev. [Mrs. C. Eugene]2000-12-24JHOC-M
MOORE, June Walt [Mrs. Roy D.]2000-10-23JHOC-M
MOORE, Louie B. "Lou"1996-07-28JHOC-M
MOORE, Margaret Estella (Patterson) [Mrs. William M.]1951-09-12FF-48-26
MOORE, Marion M. (Tulloch) [Mrs. Harry J.]2001-12-05JHOC-M
MOORE, Mary C. (Chesla) [Mrs. John E.]2010-08-15BDNC-141
MOORE, Mary M. (Banner)2001-11-12JHOC-M
MOORE, Mary Romayne (Harbaugh) [Mrs. Abraham, Sr.]1984-01-17MFC-H-MISC-3
MOORE, Michael J.2007-03-04BDNC-87
MOORE, Michael Lawrence1957-11-27FF-54-21
MOORE, Mildred L. (Fox) [Mrs. Levi Denzel]1992-03-23+Death NoticeHCO-87
MOORE, Patty Jane Johnston [Mrs. Paul]2000-10-11JHOC-M
MOORE, Richard W.2001-11-20JHOC-M
MOORE, Robert Dale2000-08-26JHOC-M
MOORE, Robert McClarran1955-03-09FF-54-7
MOORE, Robert R., Sr.1997-06-19JHOC-M
MOORE, Ronald L.2000-01-04JHOC-M
MOORE, Rose M. Velkey2001-01-20JHOC-M
MOORE, Samuel Armstrong1963-10-12FF-62-7
MOORE, Theodore G. "Ted"2006-12-11BDNC-59
MOORE, Virgil1908-__-__News Article OnlyVNP-58
MOORE, Virginia E. "Ginger" (Weiss) [Mrs. Frank]2008-04-23MFC-M-R-23
MOORE, Walter W.1998-09-11+Death NoticeJHOC-M
MOORE, William S.1944-08-07FFP-12-43-43
MOOREHEAD, Mary Eileen (Richardson) [Mrs. David W.]2007-06-09MFC-M-R-23
MOORHEAD, Bertha E. (Williams) [Mrs. Leonard Glenn]1998-10-02JHOC-M
MOORHEAD, Betty R. (Carns) [Mrs. Jamison]2001-02-01JHOC-M
MOORHEAD, Florence H. (Higgins) [Mrs. John Jamison "Jamie"]1996-09-04JHOC-M
MOORHEAD, Ida B.1927-10-04FFP-02-26-52
MOORHEAD, James K.1927-01-04FFP-02-26-24
MOORHEAD, Louise J. (Johnston) [Mrs. Dale]1984-09-02MFC-Mc-L-15
MOORHEAD, Ronald J., Sr.2000-05-12SWG-141
MOORHEAD, Sally A. (Seaman) [Mrs. Ronald J., Sr.]1986-06-02SWG-45
MOOS, Robert C.1998-10-08JHOC-M
MOOSE, Bryan T.2001-08-31JHOC-M
MOOSE, Clara Collincini [Mrs. Donald R.]1992-04-02+Death NoticeMFC-Mc-MISC-2
MOOSE, Dorothy M. (Jones) [Mrs. Theodore]2001-01-19JHOC-M
MOOSE, Mary E. (Bungert) [Mrs. Theodore R.]2003-02-03MFC-M-MISC-2
MOOSE, Myrtle E. (Remaley) [Mrs. Harold E.]2001-05-30JHOC-M

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