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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MONTEL, Rose G.2003-12-13ROC-101
MONTELL [Montagano], Mary C. Padula [Mrs. Frank]1998-07-19JHOC-M
MONTELL, Dolly H. (Cline) [Mrs. Frank J.]2001-08-28JHOC-M
MONTEPARTE, Betty J. Newhouse1996-12-12JHOC-M
MONTEPARTE, Casper A.1998-03-22JHOC-M
MONTEPARTE, Florence (Crastanova) [Mrs. John]1970-06-26FF-69-10
MONTEPARTE, Frank A.2001-03-19JHOC-M
MONTEPARTE, John1960-01-28FF-54-40
MONTEPARTE, Michael William1966-02-27FF-62-20
MONTGOMERY, David R.1997-06-26JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Evelyn F.2000-02-16Death Notice OnlyJHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Helen O. (Davis) [Mrs. Kenneth D.]2000-06-01JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Leota Maxine Dillon [Mrs. Albert R.]2002-01-12JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, P. Jean Painter [Mrs. David R.]1997-04-19JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Piolate Roy1996-10-26JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Robert L.2000-07-01JHOC-M
MONTGOMERY, Shirley Nelson [Mrs. Frank]2001-03-12JHOC-M
MONTICUE, Charles D. "Monty"1995-07-04SWG-136
MONTICUE, Grace A.1996-09-26JHOC-M
MONTICUE, Park R.2000-02-07JHOC-M
MONTICUE, Viola1967-02-03MFC-M-N-10A
MONTROSE, Catherine Sloan Dillon [Mrs. Theodore]1997-04-13JHOC-M
MONTROSE, Dawn (Watkiss) [Mrs. Jerry]2002-12-02LC-20
MONTUORI, Ella Salvatore [Mrs. Domenic]2001-09-19+PhotoJHOC-M
MOODY, Hannah M. (Stewart) [Mrs. William L.]1992-06-29THOC-M-5
MOODY, Margaret L. (Miller) [Mrs. Joseph]1997-08-02JHOC-M
MOON, Melanie S. King [Mrs. Melvin]2000-09-28JHOC-M
MOON, Pauline Hough [Mrs. George D.]2002-01-24JHOC-M
MOONEY, Dorothy J. (Atkinson) [Mrs. Elmer S., Sr.]1999-05-07JHOC-M
MOONEY, Matilda M. (Barton) [Mrs. Richard L.]1996-11-20JHOC-M
MOONEY, Patricia Ann Garris [Mrs. Elmer, Jr.]2000-04-19JHOC-M
MOONEY, Vera Margaret Ramp [Mrs. Miles E.]2000-07-13JHOC-M
MOORE, Amber O. (Overbeck) [Mrs. Carl W.]1996-07-08JHOC-M
MOORE, Anna Belle [Anabel] (Foster) [Mrs. Norman L.]2000-01-24JHOC-M
MOORE, Antoinette M. (Fanelli) [Mrs. Russell H., Sr.]1997-10-24JHOC-M
MOORE, Charles1908-__-__News Article OnlyVNP-58
MOORE, Charles E., Sr.1996-12-05JHOC-M
MOORE, Charles James2001-07-31JHOC-M
MOORE, Clifford H., Rev.2007-09-08BDNC-104
MOORE, Daniel H., Jr.2000-03-08JHOC-M
MOORE, Donna L. (Ghrist) [Mrs. John E.]2008-06-02MFC-M-R-23
MOORE, Dorothy Irene1999-09-20JHOC-M
MOORE, Dorothy M. (Barnhart) [Mrs. Ira F.]2012-01-11+PhotoMFC-M-R-30
MOORE, Dorothy Soloman [Mrs. Harry W.]1996-12-10JHOC-M
MOORE, Edgar D.1999-10-07JHOC-M
MOORE, Edna M.1988-08-08Memorial Card OnlyGOC-19
MOORE, Elsie L.1997-02-05JHOC-M
MOORE, Emma A. (Anderson) [Mrs. Robert M.]1948-05-18FF-48-2
MOORE, Ethel I. (Barnes) [Mrs. Raymond]2001-12-12JHOC-M

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