Company B


COMPANY B was recruited principally in Brookville, Pa., and vicinity, mainly by Captain John C Dowling, who led them to the field and into their first hard Light, where he laid down the command with his life. He was succeeded by Captain S.A. Craig, who proved a gallant successor to Captain Dowling, until, severely wounded, he had to leave them Captain W. S. Barr then assumed the command until he too had to succumb to rebel lead, when the command devolved upon Captain J. C. Kelso, who led them through all the subsequent hard conflicts, and finally at their muster out of service, brought the survivors home. From the subjoined roll it will be seen that Company B made a glorious record. They participated in every battle in which the regiment was engaged, and during their term of service lost one officer killed and thirty-eight enlisted men killed and died. During its term of service the company had enrolled two hundred and seven men; of these seventy-six were drafted men and substitutes.

History of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, page 272


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