Company B




Barr W. S. 09-Sep-61 28-Nov-64 Promoted from 1st Sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant, February 1, 1862; to 1st Lieutenant, May 31, 1862; to Captain, July 1, 1863. Discharged November 28, 1864, on account of wounds received at Deep Bottom, Va., August 16, 1864.
Craig Samuel A 14-Dec-61
Wounded at Fair Oaks, Va., May 31, 1862. Promoted from 1st Lieutenant, August 25, 1862. Wounded at Manassas Junction, Va., August 27, 1862. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, September 1863.
Dowling John C. 09-Sep-61
Killed at Fair Oaks, Va., May 31, 1862. Buried in National Cemetery at Seven Pines Va.
Kelso Joseph C. 09-Sep-61 11-Jul-65 Promoted to 1st Sergeant, April 1, 1863; to 1st Lieutenant Jan 1, 1864; to Captain, May 15, 1865. Wounded at Fair Oalks, may 31, 1862; at Chancellorsville, may 3, 1863; at North Anna River, May 24, 1864. Mustered out with Company. Veteran.

First Lieutenant

Espy Richard J. 09-Sep-61 01-Jan-62 Promoted from 2d Lieutenatn, date unknown. Discharged.
McLain John A. 25-Feb-64 11-Jul-65 Promoted to Sergeant, August 1, 1864; to 1st Lieutenant, June 8, 1865. Mustered out with Company.
Nicholson Robert J 09-Sep-61
Promoted to Quarter master, October 1, 1861.

Second Lieutenant

Nesbit Hugh 18-Sep-62 26-May-63 Appointed 2d Lieutenant, September 10, 1862. Discharged.
Parsons Judson J. 27-Aug-61 11-Jul-65 Promoted to Sergeant, May 15, 1865; to 2d Lieutenant, June 8, 1865. Mustered out with Company. Veteran.
Thompson Albert C 09-Sep-61
Promoted to Captain, Company K, December 1, 1861.



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