1880 Census
Fairfield Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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Transcribed by Michael Caldwell.

1880 PA Census: Westmoreland County, Fairfield Township, enumeration district 116
National Archives Microfilm Series T9, roll 1204

[Includes also villages of West Fairfield and Lockport, and Borough of Bolivar]

S.H. Luther, enumerator, 2 June through 26 June 1880

Mr. Luther’s handwriting was not exemplary. When I could not quite make out a word or a number, I marked it with an asterisk (*). I urge interested researchers to view the original record on microfilm rather than use my transcription as a primary source.

One way to search through this record is to input a surname into the search function of your web browser, but please be aware that the spelling of particular surnames did vary from time to time, and, as such, you may be unable to locate the exact spelling this way. Alternatively, browse through the following index and look for a spelling that is similar to the spelling you expect.

Following is an index of heads of households as well as those individuals with other surnames who were residing in those households. The first number represents the dwelling number, and the second number represents the family number. The two numbers start to differ when there was more than one family living in a given household.

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