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John DeWatt Weimer, b 1740 in Dortmund Germany and brothers Martin and George settled in Donegal Twp, Westmoreland Co. He was thirty-five years old and had six children when the Revolutionary War began. He was a corporal in Captain Riley's Company, 3rd PA Regiment, Colonel Thomas Craig. This was one of the regiments in Sterling's Division which was at Valley Forge in 1778 with Washington. He was listed twice, in 1777 and 1778 among the many who had sufficient clothing. The 3rd PA Regiment was made u of sharshooters from the mountains.

John and Susanna Yetter Weimer had ten children: George, b 1 Apr 1762; John, b 11 May 1764; David, b 27 Apr 1766; Henry, b. 6 May 1769; Jacob, b. 23 Sep 1772; Susanna, b. 4 Oct 1774; Rosina, b 1 Dec 1776; Samuel, b 23 Jan 1779; Frederic, b 2 Nov 1783; and Catherine, b 6 Feb 1786.

Susanna Yetter Weimer died 18 Jun 1818, and John DeWatt Weimer died 24 Jan 1831.

Many members of the family stayed in Westmoreland Co and eventually some moved to Somerset and Fayette Cos, and to Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and other western states.

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