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Dorothy Hallarn Mercy has written seven volumes on the descendants of Theobald Mechling who arrived in the United States in 1728. The 4th volume is about Jacob, brother of Theobald and Mechlings, that she can't trace back to their origin. To purchase her books please contact Mechling Associates, Inc., 203 Pine Tract Road, Butler, PA 16001 phone (800) 941-3735.


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Wanda Mechling Gantt


Theobald Mechling 
by Wanda Mechling Gantt
Theobald Mechling was born about 1695 in Germany. He and his brother, Jacob arrived in Philadelphia on 11 September 1728 on the ship, James Goodwill with David Crocket the ship master. The ship had sailed from Rotterdam, Holland via the Port of Deal, England leaving on 15 June 1728. On board were 90 some immigrants from Palatine, Germany. 
Sometime within the next few years Theobald married Anna Elizabeth Lauer, daughter of John Peter and Anna Margaret Lauer. In 1731 their first child, Dewalt was born. On 29 June 1734 Theobald took out a warrant for approximately 125 acres in Bucks County, PA. When the land was surveyed it amounted to 144 acres and 120 perches. This land was a grant from Thomas and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn, and proprietors of the province of Pennsylvania.
Theobald built a log cabin and moved his family to this land in Bucks County, an area which later became part of Lehigh County. The log cabin is still standing and occupied today and is incorporated into a larger home. 
Theobald and Anna Elizabeth `s Children:
1. John Theobald (Dewalt) Mechling was born 11 Nov 1731. He married Sabilla Kohler and died 29 Mar 1816 Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, PA. 
2. John Peter Mechling was born about 1737. He married Anna Barbara Kurr on 21 October 1760 and died young in 1765.
3. A daughter was born 1740 and was baptized 11 May 1740 in St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Red Hill, Northampton Co., PA. No name was given so she probably died young.
4. Anna Elizabeth was born 25 August 1741, married Leonhard Steininger on 8 April 1760 and died 26 November 1784 in Northampton County, PA.
5. Anna Margaret Mechling was born 27 Apr 1744 in PA and was baptized 3 Jun 1744 in Evangelical Lutheran Church, Upper Milford Twp., Northampton Co., PA. She died 10 Apr 1748 and was buried in Colebrookdale, Berks Co., PA.
6. John Jacob Mechling was born 27 Feb 1747 and married Catherine and died 8 Nov 1824 Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, PA. .
7. Philip Mechling was born about 1749 married Katherine Wetzel and died Nov 1817 in York County, PA.
8. Thomas Mechling was born 4 Aug 1751, married Katherine Walsh and died 8 June 1786 in Lehigh County, PA.

On 19 September 1763, Theobald wrote his will leaving his beloved wife, Elizabeth Mechling one complete Bed stead with all the furniture, one cow, one side saddle worth three pounds and ten shillings, one chest, one spinning wheel, two iron pots, all the flax which is not spun into yarn at my decease and two butter dishes, three plates, six spoons, one tea pot, two bureaus of which one is pine. He had already given some of the children l00 pounds each and the others were to receive 100 pounds each when they became of age. He left the plantation of 170 acres to the youngest son, Thomas with the agreement that Elizabeth could remain at the home and share in the profit of the plantation as long as she remain a widow. The plantation was valued at 400 pounds. Thomas was to take possession when he became twenty one years of age. He was to pay the other four brothers and one sister twenty five pounds each year until he had paid each one 1/6 of the 400 pounds. 
Theobald died in April 1765 and he and his wife are buried at the cemetery at Dillingersville by the Upper Milford Lutheran Church-school that he helped organize. 

Dewalt Mechling
On January 4, 1774 Dewalt was granted in Westmoreland County, PA a warrant for 300 acres (surveyed 8 March 1774 as 296 acres and 80 perches.) which he called "Longsides." The same day he was granted an additional warrant for 300 acres (surveyed 7 March 1774 as 328 acres) to be called "Strelitz" and on 20 March 1788 a third warrant was granted to Dewalt for 343 acres, which was called "Mechlinburg". Also on 25 August 1785, together with Ludwick Otterman, Dewalt purchased 302 and a half acres, located on Pokes Run. This property was called Macklin`s Retreat. 
On 9 April 1776, Dewalt enlisted in the Revolution and served as an ensign on the 8th Continental Line of the Pennsylvania Regulars. He was severely wounded at the Battle of Bound Brook in New Jersey. Dewalt was one of 500 men garrisoned in the blockhouse. On the night of 13 April 1777, a British force of 4,000 men under Corwallis surprised the sleeping continentals. Most of them fled, but 100 were killed or captured. Dewalt was severely wounded, resigned three days later and returned home with the other injured soldiers under the command of Col. Daniel Brodhead. He died 29 March 1816 and is buried at Feigntner`s Cemetery in Hempfield Township.
Dewalt and Sabilla `s children
l. Dewalt was born 1757 in Northampton Co., PA, married Anna Maria RUGH & died Dec. 1790 in Westmoreland Co., PA
2. Michael was born 14 Nov. 1759 in Northampton Co., PA, married Anna Maria ALTMAN & died 22 Feb. 1833 in Armstrong Co., PA.
3. Johann Peter baptized 30 March 1760 at Zion`s Lutheran Church in Lower Macungie, Northampton Co., PA. Died young.
4. Sybilla was born 26 Feb. 1762 in Northampton Co., PA. married Jacob RUGH & died 27 Jan. 1844 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
5. Jacob was born 1 Jan 1765 in Northampton Co., PA, married Anna Maria OTTERMAN & died 7 June 1831 in Glenford in Perry Co., Ohio.
6. Anna Elizabeth was born 4 March 1767 in Northampton Co., PA, married Philip TURNEY & died 29 July 1849 Greenburg, Westmoreland Co., PA.
7. Frederick was born in Northampton Co., PA, married 1. Maria MARTHIN and 2. Elizabeth & died 10 June 1834 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA.
8. Barbara was born 12 April 1772 in Northampton Co., PA, married Adam WENTLING & died 
6 Feb. 1842 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
9. John was born 22 May 1773 in Northampton Co., PA, married Catherine BERNHART & died 
3 March 1850 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
10. Anna Maria was born 8 Feb. 1776 in Westmoreland Co., PA, married Barnhart THOMAS & died 2 Sept 1838 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
11. Catherine was born 17 June 1779 and baptized 26 June 1779 at Old Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hempfield twp., Westmoreland Co., PA. Nothing more known about her.

John Jacob Mechling 
Three months after Dewalt acquired his first land on 19 April 1774, his younger brother, John Jacob took out a warrant for 311 acres in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland Co., PA. Jacob paid fifteen pounds eleven shillings to Thomas Penn and John Penn, Esqrs. sons of William Penn, and proprietors of the province of Pennsylvania.
The 1783 Tax List shows Jacob with 300 acres, 3 horses, 4 cows and 6 sheep. When the Revolutionary War broke out, Jacob enlisted and was made Captain of the 4th Battalion of the Pennsylvania Militia from Westmoreland County. He died 8 November 1824 and is buried in Feightner Cemetery near Youngwood, Westmoreland County, PA.
John Jacob and Catherine`s children
l. John was born 30 Sept. 1768 in Northampton Co., PA, married Margaretta SAUMES & died 8 Sept. 1827 in Parker twp., Butler Co., PA.
2.Jacob, Jr. was born 8 Dec. 1770 in Northampton Co., PA, married Mary Magdalena DRUM & died 10 Jan 1860 in Washington twp., Butler Co., PA.
3.Mary was born about. 1772 in Northampton Co., PA, married Enoch VARNUM & died after 1852 in Butler Co., PA.
4.George J. was born 30 May 1773 in Northampton Co., PA, married Mary Magadalen THOMAS & died 8 Feb. 1853 in Mahoning Co., Ohio.
5. John Philip was born 10 Nov. 1779 in Westmoreland Co., PA, married Charlotte SHOEMAKER & died 18 Nov. 1869 in Cass Co., Michigan.
6.Catherine was born 4 Oct 1781 in Greensburg, PA and married Sebastian SWARTZ.
7.William was born 23 Oct. 1784 in Westmoreland Co., PA, married l. Esther MECHLING, daughter of Jacob and Anna Maria Mechling. In 1812 William and Esther moved to Fairfield County, Ohio. Esther died 8 Dec. 1815 and William married 2. Mrs. Catherine (SAUMES) RICE and 3. Elizabeth Catherine Lutz. In 1833 &1835 he purchased land in Allen Co., Ohio where he died 18 April 1855. His body was brought back to Perry Co., Ohio for burial.
8.Elizabeth was born about 1786 in Westmoreland Co., PA, married George Weyland LOBINGIER & 2. Benjamin GRIFFIN & died 18 April 1834.
9.Susanna was born 31 March 1791 in Westmoreland Co., PA, married 1. Abraham WEAVER 2. Philip VARNUM & died 1870 in Greensburg, PA.

PHILIP MECHLING was the 4th. son of Theobald and Anna Elizabeth (Lauer) Mechling. His birth date is listed as "around" 1749. On the June 11, 1770 in the Zion Lutheran Church in Northampton County, Philip married KATHERINE WETZEL. He died in York County on November 11, 1817. By occupation, Philip was a tanner.
PHILIP & Katherine’s Children
1. Jacob Mechling was born 31 Mar. 1773 and died before 1813. 
2. Philip Jonas Mechling was born 5 Nov. 1774 and died 19 Aug. 1847. 
3. Solomon Mechling was born 22 Aug. 1776 and died 25 Feb. 1848.
4. Frederick Mechling was born 17 Mar. 1778 and died before 1813. 
5. Daniel Mechling was born 1 Nov. 1779 and died 2 Jan. 1859. 
6. Catherine Mechling married JOHN EDINGTON. 
7. John Mechling died June 1835.
8. Elizabeth Mechling was born 18 Feb. 1785 and died 19 Aug. 1859.
9. Jonathan Mechling was born 24 May 1790.

PHILIP JONAS MECHLING, son of Philip, grandson of Theobald was born Nov. 4, 1774 in Northampton Co. Pa. He married CATHERINE CODER about 1795 in Hempfield Township in Westmoreland County. He died in Westmoreland County, PA on Aug. 19, 1847 and is buried in the Old Union Graveyard in Greensburg. Philip was listed on census records as occupation - mason.
Philip Jonas and Catherine`s Children 
l. George Mechling was born 23 Oct. 1796 Westmoreland Co. PA, died 31 Mar. 1892 & is buried in Union Cemetery in Greensburg, PA. He married Ist. to ELIZABETH MECHLING & 2nd. to Mrs. SOPHIA WALKER. He was a surveyor and civil engineer.
2. Jonas (Jonathan) Mechling was born 14 Aug. 1798, died 2 April 1868 & is buried at the Old German Cemetery in Greensburg. He married FLORINDA GRESSINGER. He was a Lutheran minister & traveled widely throughout Westmoreland County as a missionary pastor. 
3. Philip Mechling was born 31 Dec. 1800 and died 1 May 1876 in Westmoreland Co. He married SARA ANN DARLIN. His occupation was stone mason. 
4. Salome Mechling was born 19 0ct.1803 married CHARLES CHRISTIAN WEBER.
5. John Mechling was born 23 Feb. 1806 and died probably before 1847. 
6. William Mechling was born 20 Oct. 1808 and died Aug. 1894. He married MARTHA PALMER. He lived in Kingston, Caldwell Co., Missouri. 
7. Lea Mechling was born 12 July 1811. She married MARTIN BASH HARTZEL. Martin in 1848, was an elder in the newly organized Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Greensburg, where all services were now conducted in English. He and Lea are buried in the Bash Cemetery near Ligonier, Pa.
8. Hannah Mechling was born 9 June 1813 and died 18 Apr. 1869. She married her 2nd. cousin, ADAM RUGH s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Kepple) Rugh. They lived in Greensburg, where Adam was a harness maker.

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