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Dolores Kaylor


Peter Koehler (Kaylor) married Susanna ____
They had 2 children baptized in the German church:
Jacob- born Sept. 24, 1817
Peter-born Jan. 20, 1819

(This was taken from the German church records)
Jacob married Elizabeth Rugh and they had the following children that we know of: Susanna, John, Peter, Francis and Ophellia.
John married Harriet Walker and Peter married her sister Rachel Walker.
John and Harriet Kaylor had the following children: Sarah Jane, John J., Joseph L., and Agnes. They had Charles and Harmon who died in childhood....there where also 6 other children whom we have no record of....
Joseph Kaylor married Louisa Sloniker and they had 9 children: Claude, Nellie, Norman, Homer, Bertha, Robert, Louise, Emma, and Evelyn. Claude dying in infancy.
Homer Kaylor married Mary Jane Kerin and they had six sons: Robert, Homer (died in infancy) Edward, John and Thomas (twins) and David.
Edward Kaylor married Dolores Mitchell and they had two children: Debra and Theodore.

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