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Edward Dever was born in County Donegal Ireland about 1775. In either 1811 or 1818, he came with his family to America, bringing with him his wife Unity, and thier children. The family moved west, eventually settling at Bairdstown, on the Connemaugh river. Edward and Unity had, among their children, a son William. He was born in Ireland about 1800, and came to America with his parents. William married Cecelia McGlaughlin, who came to America with her Uncle, William mcGlaughlin. The McGlaughlin family were from the area near Dublin, Ireland.

William and Cecelia had two sons, Edward C. Devers, and Dennis Devers. The two brothers lived in the Blairsville area throughout the nienteenth century. My ancestor, Edward C. Dever or Devers, married Mary Ann Richard or Richert and had two choldren cecelia and Edward William Dever. Edward William Dever was born in Derry twonship , Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on 20 August 1872. His father, Edward C. Dever was a photographer and farmer in Derry township. Edward C. Dever was killed in a train accident in January of 1872, leaving his wife, Nancy (Mary Ann Richert) and their two small children.

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