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There are entries in County Historical books on Cribbs citizens, including the Westmoreland History Books.  Also, my Cribbs books are available for those who request and help with postage and handling.


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The Cribbs families of early Westmoreland County are actually two separate families that haven't had a determined common denominator.    The earliest Cribbs citizens were the descendants of Simon Krebs native of Germany, who migrated to Westmoreland Co., from early Montgomery Co., did so in the mid 1700's.    These descendants settled mainly in Greensburg, Derry, and Hempfield townships.   Among them are Captain John Cribbs 1755-1791, a vet of the Rev. War.; his son Christopher Cribbs, 1780-1850, a prominent early citizen; Captain George A. Cribbs, 1820-1862, a vet of the Civil War; and his son Christopher Cribbs 1847 - ?, an early Westmoreland recorder and register for the Republican party.

The other Cribbs family of Westmoreland County were the descendants of John George Cribbs 1750-1824.  These lived mostly in Indiana County, but have quite a bit of history in Westmoreland.   George Cribbs Senior (above) and George Cribbs Junior 1778-1862 bought and sold property there and had their children baptized in the churches of Westmoreland County.

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