Pine Grove Township

Pine Grove - Borders Chautauqua County To The North

Boroughs, Towns and Villages

  • Cable Hollow
  • Akeley
  • Russell

Honor Roll of Pinegrove Township

War of 1812
Ira Badger
Reuben Chase
Benjamin Kelley
Thomas Martin
A. Phillips
Gerald Pick

Veterans of the Civil War
General Harrison Allen
Lt. Samuel Allen
Hon. Orrin C. Allen
Thomas Allen
Sydney Akely
Jonathan Akeley
James F. Akeley
Andrew Arnsol
Allen Briggs
W. W. Briggs
Milo Adams
N. A. billings
O. M. Bump
James Brogan
George Allen
(Gov of Colorado)
William Allen
L. Reuben Akeely
Thomas Akeley
Delos akeley
Major J. W. Anderson
Joseph Briggs
Geo. W. Briggs
Calvin Adams
A. J. Burns
William billings
James Benson
Capt. Delos (Dick) Chase
Lt. Theodore Chase
George Chae
Almos Cadwell
P.A. Carr
J. H. Carr
Anon Crampton
Alonzo Cole
George Clark
a. Clendenning
Lt A. P. Dunning
Abe Eno
Ephraim Enos
Nat C. Enos
David Ellsworth
Thomas Eddy
Sam Hartson, Jr
Geo. Fox
Chas. Kitchen
Cyrus Hayes
Nelson Herrick
Chas Hotelling
asrong Jones
Benson Jones
Levi Jones
Sam Jones
A. P Jordan
Morris Kelley
Robert Love
A. J. Leash
Van Ranseller Chase
George Cook
John Bisbee Carr
J. W. Carr
Adelbert Chadwick
James Cole
C. H. Clark
william Clark
Cory L. Douglas
George Dunning
John Enos
Petram Enos
A. C. Ellsworth
James Elderkin
Sam Hartson, SR
Luther hartson
Lt Geo. W. Granch
John Hatton
L. W. Hoxie
Ham Hudson
George Irvine
Raymond Jones
William Jones
George Jones
Orlin Ingalls
Joseph Jackson
Hon. Wilton Lindsey
Lewis Learn
James Leash
Wm Lamberton
Sheldon Merchant
Samuel Martin
Lyman Martin
Levi Marsh
James Matthews
Thomas Nealon
Steve Nobbs
Ferd E. Perkins
Thomp Phillips
Asa Lee Phillips
Lt Harvey T. Russell
Thomas A E Russell
William Rider
George Ridger
Aleck Solinger
John Stanton
Edward T. Smith
Henry Sanborn
Wayne Studavant
R. Thompson
John G. Thompson
James M. Taber
Agideus Van Ord
W. W. Wilson
Ge. H. Wilson
Leander Wilcox
Jefferson Weaver
Chas. Widdifield
John Merchant
Selvine Martin
Newell Martin
C. H. Martin
John Myers
Isac Mott
George Nobbs
pat O'Hara
Samuel Parrish
Wm Phillips
Marcallus Porter
John Russell
Samuel Rider
James Solinger
George Sipple
James Stanton
Orrin Strickland
Nerman Smith
Hamilton Studavant
James shook
Walter Thompson
E.N. Thompson
Decatur Tabor
Jefferson Van Sile
Lyman D. Wilson
Hamilton Wilson
Andrew Weaver
Harvey Weaver
Thomas J. Widdifield

Spanish American War
Lyman D. Putnam
Mark Rhone
Patrick Murray
Lee Brown
Ralph J. Young

Border Guard, 1916
Sgt Harry J. Briggs
Corp. Clyde J. Arthurs
Arthur W. Kelley

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