Brokenstraw Township


A stream and a township. From the indian word cushanadauga, meaning "Broken Glass". The French rendered it as kadchinodiagon and as gachinantiagon from expeditions through the region in 1739 and 1749, and to them it was paiile coupee or "Cut Straw". The English called the place Buckaloons, a corruption of a Delaware indian name. Brokenstraw was the original Warren County Township organized in 1800. In 1808 it was divided into Brokenstraw and Conewango Townships by order of the Venango County court. The two were then split into twelve townships on March 8, 1821, but only seven were organized at that time.


Boroughs, Towns and Villages

  • Youngsville
  • Irvine
  • Allegheny Springs
  • Dunns Eddy




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