Warren County Marriages

American Revolutionary Soldier and Patriots Marriages

Warren Mail 31 Mar 1855

Md. at Brokenstraw Twp. 22nd inst.
by Samuel Hull, Esq.,
Mr.Wilber Mc Kinney to Mrs. Jane Brown,
both of Brokenstraw Twp.

Warren Mail 28 Dec 1875
Married at the residence of the bride,
near Garland, by A. R. Manderville, Esq.
Mr. J. B. Borden to Mrs. Hester A. Wade,
all of Pittsfield. (Warren Mail 28 Dec 1875

Married by the same, A.R. MANDERVILLE,ESQ
Mr. E. H. Patterson to Miss P. Wade,
all of Pittsfield


Warren Mail, Thursday, Jan. 2, 1902


In North Clarendon, Pa., Thurday a.m.
Dec 26, 1901 at St Clara's Church, by Rev.
M. P. Flood, David Caldwell and Miss Maria
McGuire, both of North Clarendon

In Barnes, Pa. Dec.24, 1901, at home of  the
brides parents, by Rev. Dr. Conway, Theodore
B. Gilbert, of East Hickory, PA., and Miss
Maude A. Alling of Barnes

In Sheffield, Pa., Dec 25, 1901, 1pm at home
of the brides parents, by Rev. Dr. Conway. J.
A. Hanchett of Evansburg, Pa, and Miss Daisy
Mead of Sheffield


In Siverly, Pa. Dec 24, 1901, at home of S. B.
Averill by Rev. E. M. Kernick, J.F Emerson and
Miss Grace Averill, both of Siverly, PA

In Tidioute, Pa., Dec 24, 7:30 pm, at home of
the brides parents, by Rev. Father Connolly
Charles Grettenberger and Miss Martha Frances
King, both of Tidioute, Pa

At Falconer, NY Dec 25, 1901 by Rev. H. M.
Burns, Phillip Wagner of Corry, Pa., and Miss
Ruth Anderson, of Goodwill Hill, Pa



NOTE: I found these two marriage

announcements, in my notes, I will look

for the source.....but, thought I would post them.

Full Name of Male:  THOMAS, Jna?, w, age 25
Occupation: Farmer    
Residence:   Titusvilleb.Clarion Co.m. Aug. 10, 1886
Full Name of Female:   Mary MAGUIRE, w, age 24b.Venango Co.
Residence: TitusvilleWhere resided after ?: Warren Co., PA

Full Name of Male: WILLSON, Chas. A., w, age 24
Occupation: Lumberman 
Residence: Tioma b.Warren Co. m. Dec. 25, 1886
Full Name of Female: Minnie S. HOLCOMB, w, age 18 b.Sugar Grove
Residence: Sugar Grove Where resided after ?: Warren Co., PA



In Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday noon, April 23, 1907 in St John's Episcopal Church, by the Bishop Whitehead and Rev. L. Frazer, Rev. John Merritt Hunter of St Marys, Pa., and Miss Grace Greenwood, of Youngstown. Further notice is deferred until next. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hunter, Miss Marian Hunter. Miss Anna Deabrooke, Henry and Seabrooke Hunter, Mrs. M. W. Jamieson and daughter Marcia and Miss Olive Eddy, all of Warren, who arrived home last night.

In Columbus, Pa., Wednesday afternoon, Aopril 17, 1907 at home of the bridge's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Emerson, by Rev. J. W. Hickok, Mr. W. J Jaggi of Union City, Pa. and Miss Florine Grace Emerson of Columbus.

In Chandlers Valley, April 10, 1907, at home of the brides parents, Rev. and Mrs. Ol J. Gage, by Revs. Gage and E. E. Delden, Mr. Charles E. Johnson, of Niagara Falls and Miss Verna Mae Gage of Chandlers Valley.

In Warren, Thursday, April 18, 1907 at Mansion House, by Rev. J. W. Smith, Mr. Charles Durnell and Miss Edna V. Walker



At Warren, Sept, 26, 1906, by the Rev. H. M. Conaway, Mr. Clifford Wayne Corbett, of Clarion, Pa., and Miss Mary Reba Kelly, of Warren

At Clinton, NY, Sept 5, 1906, by the Rev. Dwight Scovel. Mr. Park Ames of Warren and Miss Jessie R. Clark of Clinton, NY

At Freehold, Pa., Sept, 19, 1906, by the Rev. J. A. Rinell, Mr. Fred S. Jones of Jamestown, NY and Miss Clara Johnson, of Freehold.

At Sheffield, Pa., Sept. 19, 1906 by the Rev. C. A. Hallberg, Mr. Alvin Nelson and Miss Nancy M. Rydgren, both of Sheffield.

In Warren, Sept. 24, 1906, by the Rev. H. M. Conaway, Mr. W. O. Huey and Miss Florence Busk, both of Warren.

In Titusville, Wednesday, June 20, 1900, 3PM at St James Church, by Rev. A. J. Nock, Mr. E. O. Emerson, Jr. and Miss Jessie May Galbraith, both of Titusville, PA

In Busti, NY, June 13, 1900, by Rev. Thomas Neal, Mr Guy Wilcox and Miss Maggie Miller, both of Lander, PA

In Sheffield, Pa.,, Saturday afternoon, June 16, 1900 at home of the groom's brother, by Rev. Mr. Halmertz, Mr. Ansel Saterland and Miss Eta Lindholm, both of Sheffield

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