Cherry Grove Township
1880 Census


Contributed by Robin Carpenter



WRIGHT, Oscar M 34 Head Laborer in sawmill

WRIGHT, Isabel F 26 Wife Keeping house

DUNHAM, M. B. M 50 Boarder Lumberman

DUNHAM, George M 25 Boarder Lumberman

HOWLAMB, W. H. M 32 Boarder Lawyer

SNOW, Barney M 29 Boarder Labor in sawmill

STURNSON, Philander M 27 Boarder Labor in sawmill

WILLIAMS, John M 28 Boarder labor in sawmill


NOBLES, C. B. M 32 Head Farmer

NOBLES, Phebe F 46 Wife keeping house

NOBLEs, Albert P. M 22 Nephew farmer

NOBLES, Louis C. M 13 Nephew farm labor

NOBLES, Eunice J. F 11 Niece at home

NOBLES, Timothy B. M 71 Father

NOBLES, Sarah F 73 Mother

BUSH, Mary F 18 Adopted daughter

BAKER, John M 26 Boarder Bark peeler

BAKER, Daniel M 28 Boarder Bark peeler

FARNSWORTH, Ellwood M 19 Boarder Bark peeler


PLUMB, Polly F 43 Head

PLUMB, Wesley C. M 12 Son farmer

PLUMB, Lenora F 7 Daughter

PLUMB, Cordelia F 46


FARNSWORTH, John M 45 Head Farmer

FARNSWORTH, Pheby F 38 Wife keeping house

FARNSWORTH, Amy F 16 daughter At home

FARNSWORTH, Florence F 9 daughter at home

FARNSWORTH, Clarence M 6 son at home

DAMON, M ------ M 20 boarder Teamster

JONES, Marshall M 21 boarder laborer

ABBOTT, Nash M 64 boarder Carpenter


SWAN, L. D. M 62 Head Farmer

SWAN, Lucy J. F. 50 Wife keeping house

SWAN, Jesse J. M 26 Son

SWAN, Helen R. F 18 daughter

GRIFFIN, James M 35 boarder Farm labor

LYTTE, James M 28 boarder Bark peeler

CRAMER, Joseph F 22 boarder Bark peeler


NELSON, Frank M 26 Head Bark peeler

NELSON, Mary F 60 Mother keeping house

NELSON, Lottie F 24 Sister

LAWSON, L. J. M 50 boarder Bark peeler

HELLEIN, Charles M 36 boarder bark peeler

SAMPSON, Andrew M 20 boarder bark peeler

JOHNSON, Otto M 25 boarder bark peeler

SWANSON, John M 34 boarder bark peeler

SWANSON, A. M 36 boarder bark peeler

ANSON, Gustav M 27 boarder bark peeler

SWANSON, John M 25 boarder bark peeler

PETERSON, John M 45 boarder bark peeler

WINBLAD, John M 35 boarder bark peeler

JOHNSON, Chas. M 33 boarder bark peeler

SWANSON, John M 35 boarder bark peeler

SOLDERSTRIM, John M 34 boarder bark peeler

HALL, G. H. M 25 boarder bark peeler

PIPER, John M 21 boarder bark peeler

PIPER, Frank M 25 boarder bark peeler


GREELEY, H. H. M 40 Head bark peeler

GREELEY, Phebe F 50 Wife keeping house

MARTIN, Rufus M 22 step-son bark peeler

MCKENZIE, C. M 24 boarder bark peeler

PEDRO, Antoine M 48 boarder bark peeler

MCKINNEY, David M 40 boarder bark peeler


DANIELSON, Frank M 38 Head bark peeler

DANIELSON, Mary F 28 Wife keeping house

DANIELSON, Josephine F 22 sister servant

ANSTROM, Chas. M 26 boarder bark peeler

LINDQUIST, John M 34 boarder bark peeler

LINDQUIST, Joseph M 28 boarder bark peeler

S--------, David M 32 boarder bark peeler

PETERSON, Alfred M 49 boarder bark peeler

JOHNSON, John M 31 boarder bark peeler

ERICSON, Peter M 24 boarder bark peeler

SAMUELSON, John M 29 boarder bark peeler

CARLSON, Chas M 38 boarder bark peeler

CARLSON, John M 26 boarder bark peeler


FARNSWORTH, M. M 63 Head Farmer

FARNSWORTH, Lucinda F 62 wife keeping house

FARNSWORTH, Andrew M 21 son farmer

FARNSWORTH, Carrie L. F 19 daughter


SORINSON, John M 39 Head Farmer

SORINSON, Celesta F 41 Wife keeping house

SORINSON, Eliza F 3 daughter

SORINSON, Mary F 8/12 daughter

ALLEN, J. M. M 21 step-son farm laborer

ALLEN, Rinaldo M 17 step-son farm labor

TOLEN, Matilda F 16 servant domestic servant

JOHNSON, Christian M 20 boarder bark peeler


HOLMS, Peter M 42 Head Farmer

HOLMS, Hannah F 34 Wife keeping house

HOLMS, Andrew M 12 Son farm labor

HOLMS, Mary F 5 daughter

HOLMS, Julia F 3 daughter

HOLMS, Peter M 4/12 son


FARNSWORTH, Erastus M 39 Head Farmer

FARNSWORTH, Carrie F 27 Wife keeping house

FARNSWORTH, Bertha F 7 daughter

FARNSWORTH, Henry M 4 son

NOYES, Estella F 20 boarder school teacher


DICKINSON, James M 35 Head Farm labor


NELSON, Peter M 35 Head Stone cutter

NELSON, Mary F 34 Wife keeping house

NELSON, Peter M 3 son

NELSON, Nellie F 1 daughter


CLARSEN, Nils M 57 Head farm labor

CLARSEN, Me- Mary F 37 Wife keeping house

CLARSEN, Henry M 23 son farmer


JOHNSON, Anna F 35 Head servant


SUMMERS, L. D. M 39 Head Farm laborer

SUMMERS, Fanny F 22 Wife keeping house

SUMMERS, Thomas M 3 son


STARR, William M 20 Head bark peeler

LYNN, Poke F 36 boarder bark peeler


NILSON, Claus M 32 Head Farmer

NILSON, Julia F 27 wife keeping house

NILSON, Martina F 2 daughter

NILSON, Andrew M 1 son


JOHNSON, A.P. M 30 Head Farmer

JOHNSON, Elsa F 30 wife keeping house

JOHNSON, Minnie F 6 daughter

JOHNSON, Henry M 4 son

JOHNSON, Matilda F 1 daughter


LARSEN, Chas M 29 Head Farmer

BORCHES, Wm. M 40 boarder bark peeler

JOHNSON, John M 28 boarder Farm labor

LARSEN, Christian M 24 boarder farm labor


SORANSEN, Nels M 28 Head bark peeler

SORANSEN, Mina F 25 wife keeping house

SORANSEN, Oscar M 1/12 son


MARTIN, N. P. M 50 Head Farmer

MARTIN, Elsa F 45 wife keeping house

MARTIN, Chris. M 19 son farm labor

MARTIN, Lena F 16 daughter


HAGLAND, L. M 45 Head Farmer

HAGLAND, Maria F 34 wife keeping house

HAGLAND, Hasting M 8 son

HAGLAND, Bertha F 6 daughter

HAGLAND, Anna F 3 daughter

HAGLAND, Chas. M 9/12 son

BROWN, Flora F 18 boarder School teacher

MILLER, Louis M 22 boarder farmer


SURET, Harrison M 34 Head lumberman

SURET, Jane F 31 wife keeping house

SURET, Blanche F 8 daughter

BLAKELY, Thos. M 30 boarder bark peeler

FARNSWORTH, Branch M 34 boarder bark peeler

SURET, Monteville M 25 brother bark peeler


SMITH, Joseph M 25 Head bark peeler

SMITH, Hannah F 27 Wife keeping house

SMITH, Chas. M 4 son

SMITH, Edith P. F 6/12 daughter

BLACK, Pat M 25 boarder bark peeler

FARNSWORTH, Lee M 2 boarder


MURPHY, H. B. M 25 Head wood cutter

MURPHY, Jane F 24 Wife keeping house


MCKEAN, Lauran M 25 Head wood cutter

SILLIS, Augus M 32 boarder wood cutter

CARNES, Sol M 50 boarder wood cutter

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