Kinzua Township
1870 Census

Kinzua Township

Warren Co. PA.

1870 Census

Electronic transcription by: Robin Carpenter

2 Jun 1998


VANCE T(riner?) 50 M Lumbering

Nancy 47 F Keep house

Charles 20 M Lumbering

Millie/Willa ? 20 F

Seymour 18 M Lumbering

Emma 14 F At house

Melvin 10 M At house

FLUENT? John 31 M Lumbering

Malvina 24 F Keeps house

Henry 1 M At House

FLUENT? Olri? 35 M Lumberman

Lucy 35 F Keeps house

Janett 16 F At Home

Adison 7 M At home

Mullison 4 M At home

Maud 2 F At home

Grace 2 mos F At home

GREEN G.W. 24 M Land Lord

STRONG Leroy 30 M Land Lord

GREEN Verne 20 F Land Lady

Debra B. 3 F

B---iar June 30 F Cook in Hotel

MORRISON Peovy ? 17 M

GREEN Sterling 53 M Retired Grocer

Polly 55 F Keeps house

James S. 17 M At School

ENGLISH James 35 M Farmer

Margaret 32 F Keeps house

Eugene 11 M At School

Frank 9 M At School

Anna 3 mos F At home

COURSON David 65 M Retired farmer

LABREE Floren? 29 M Farmer

Mary 26 F Keep house

Ethel 3 F

Archibald 22 M

BROWN Harvey 56 M Works on farm

Jane 61 F Keep house

ENGLISH Sylvester 32 M Blacksmith

Elizabeth 34 F Keep house

Beuzira? 5 M At school

Mary 2 F

KING John 26 M Retired grocer

Mary 23 F Keep house

Christian 2 F

Nancy J. 1 F

POWELL Mariel ? 65 F Keep house

CORNELIUS Geo 39 M Bookkeeper

Nina E. 29 F Keeps house

Leroy D. 7 M At school

Nina E. 2 F

MARSH John 58 M Works on farm

Eveline 48 F Keeps house

WILLIAMS A. J. 30 M Works oil wells

Jane 18 F Keeps house

CASPER John R. 55 M Works on farm

Sarah 52 F Keeps house

George M. 30 M Farms

Orlando 19 M Farms

Jefferson 15 M Farms

STRONG Elfias 85 M Retired farmer

BUCK Amasa 33 M carpenter

Lucy E. 33 F Keeps house

Sumner 2 M

GIBSON Nathan 42 M Lumberman

Phoebe 37 F Keeps house

Lovell 9 M At school

Florie J. 5 F At school

VANARSDALE Isaac 68 M Retired farmer

MARSH C. 37 M Lumbering

Melissa 31 F

Fred 12 M At school

Nellie 7 F

Rufus 3 M

FOGELS Henry 37 M Carpenter

Julia 32 F Keeps house

Plympton 16 M At school

Jane 6 F At school

SHERMAN J. J. 41 M Farmer

Glenden 13 F At home

Florence 10 F At home

ENGLISH R. H. 38 M Lumbering

Elizabeth 20 F Keeps house

Mary E. 2 mos F

Sarah/Serak 42 F Keeps house

EVERETT Martin 59 M Works on farm

Elizabeth 54 F Keeps house

Lewis 25 M Works oil wells

Byron 23 M Works oil wells

? 16 M Works oil wells

HEWE?? John 39 M Works saw mill

Susan 40 F Keeps house

John R. 1 M

COLLINS Ebin 24 M Works saw mill

John 23 M Works saw mill

Morris 22 M Works saw mill

Dewitt 20 M Works saw mill

Delila 16 F at home

Prudence 10 F at home

Dolly 53 F Keeps house

LYLE Emery 33 M Clerk in DG store

Nancy 28 F Keeps house


FARA/FENA Joseph 36 M Lumbering

Mary 32 F Keeps house

Kitty M. 4 F

LYLE John 62 M Boot and shoe maker

Mary 51 F Keeps house

William 24 M works on farm

Robert T. 19 M Works on farm

Olive 17 F at home

Sophronia 26 F at homes

ENGLISH Wm. 52 M Farmer

Laura E. 44 F Keeps house

Orin 21 M works on farm

Solon 18 M works on farm

George 16 M works on farm

Charles 13 M at school

Alice 7 F at school

John 1 M at school

PALMETER Schato 77 M Retired farmer

Penelope 76 F keeps house

WHITMAN Wm 48 M Farmer

Margaret 47 F Keeps house

Alvira 17 F At home

William 6 M

Ellen 4 F

REIGS B. G. 30 M Works on farm

MORRISON Geo 52 M Lumbering

Mary 50 F keeps house

George 19 M at home

Sylvena 16 F at home

William 14 M at school

Jefferson 11 M at school

Frank 8 M at school

HEARTNESS Albert 23 M works saw mill

Janette 25 F keeps house

Alvira 6 F

Mark 3 M

NEWARK Fred 48 M Miller

Lytea/Lydia 36 F keeps house

James 18 M works in shop

Fred 16 M works on farm

Lowery 8 F at school

Olive 2 F

CHATTLE Wm P. 54 M agi-for M store

MOSBLECH P.W. 62 M Physician

LAWRENCE C. B. 37 M Blacksmith

Lydia 22 F Keeps house

Wm 4 M

Fre? 2 M

CASPER Isabel 19 F Domestic servent

DOUGLASS R. S. 43 M Teamster

Amanda 36 F Keeps house

Margaret 16 F at house

Ca??a 14 M works on farm

May 11 F at school

Charles 6 M

SIMMONS Wm. H. 30 M Carpenter

Keziah 29 F Keeps house

Oliver 11 M at school

Clarissa 9 F at school

Keziah 7 F at school

William 6 M

Rose A. 1 F

STRONG Roswell 56 M Retired Grocer

Harriet 56 F Keeps house

Isaac 15 M works on farm

Clarence 12 M works on farm

Bertha 10 F at school

GREEN Wellington 52 M Carpenter

Caroline 50 F keeps house

MORRISON Lina 60 F keeps house

Marshall 30 M works saw mill

John 23 M works saw mill

BADGER Luther 46 M Shoemaker

Polly 36 F keeps house

Abby L. 15 F at school

David J. 14 M at school

BASHLINE A. 35 M Minister

Amanda 21 F keeps house

James M. 4 M

LEONARD Warren 64 M Farmer

Anna 60 F keeps house

James 30 M works on farm

Adelaide 28 F at home

Rose 15 F at school

CULBERTSON John 18 M works on farm

KIBBY John 14 M works on farm

CULBERTSON Robt. 29 M works on farms

Elizabeth 38 F keeps house

Odes 5 M

SIMON Oscar 22 M works on farm

GUNNING J. O. 59 M Carpenter

Johanna 49 F keeps house

Orlon? 20 M at school

John 20 M at school

Caroline 13 F at school

Mary 9 F at school

SWIFT A. W. 37 M Blacksmith

Margaret 32 F keeps houses

Ella V 11 F at school

SHERMAN Clay 25 M works on farm

MARTIN W. W. 51 M works on farm

Mariah 48 F keeps house

Mary B. 19 F

Florray R. 11 M at school

Minnie 6 F at school

MORRISON J.H. 74 M Retired farmer

MORRISON E. 50 M works on farm

Janette 42 F keeps house

O. J. 17 M works on farm

Ros?? 13 M at school

Mary 1 F

MORRISON Alfred 44 M Lumbering

Catherine 32 F keeps house

James G. 6 M at school

Elenora 3 F

SMALL Thomas 32 M Farmer

Jane 21 F keeps house

Richard E. 3 M

Lilly 3mos F

MORRISON Richard 57 M Retired farmer

Diantha 57 F keeps house

Abigal 18 F

STODDARD Fleming 6 M at school

CALVIN Harris 48 M Works on farm

Jane 56 F keeps house

FULLER J. C. 31 M farmer

Catharine C. 30 F keeps house

Justin 3 M

MARSH Nelson 60 M works on farm

MARSH W. L. 45 M farmer

Mary 37 F keeps house

Boyd 16 M works on farm

Wallace 15 M works on farm

Charles 13 M at school

Fatina 9 F at school

Carrie 6 F at school

Julia 4 F

Allen 3 M

Ann 6mos F

WOOD Mary 16 F Domestic servent

ROLLINS J. C. 53 M farmer

Eliza 43 F keeps house

John C. F. 16 M works on farm

William O. 10 M at school

Ulena J. 16 F at school

Frank 9 M

Levitt 1 M

FULLERTON F. V. 26 M works on farm

Ellen 22 F keeps house

William 4 M

Fred 3 M

CRIPPEN C. A. 34 M works on farm

Elizabeth 25 F keeps house

HARRIS W. H. 28 M works on farm

Ruth 26 F keeps house

Ella J. 5 F

Lilly 4 F

MORRIS W. T. 32 M works on farm

MORRIS Polly 77 F Keeps house

Nancy 49 F at home

Melidie/Melulie 38 F at home

HARRIS John 65 M farmer

Charity 56 F keeps house

Matthew 17 M works on farm

MORRISON John 17 M works on farm

HORTON Louisa 17 F Demestic service

HARRIS S.G. 26 M works on farm

Cinderella 28 F keeps house

John 3 M

Hattie 2 F

HARRIS Winfield 27 M Lumbering

Lydia 23 F keeps house

Ettie E. 4 F

STRONG E. D. 24 M works on farm

George E. 27 F keeps house

STRONG L. 61 M Retired lumberman

Margaret 57 F keeps house

Hecter 16 M at school

Mary 2 F

CAMPBELL S. O. 45 M Lumbering

Amanda 33s F keeps house

Celeste 15 F at school

Reverta 11 F at school

Lincoln 9 M at school

Luther 3 F

Rosina 6mos F

KELSEY David 37 M Stone mason

Delta 44 F keeps house

KIBBY Edna 40 F

ELDRED Lucretia 38 F keeps house

Andrew 19 M works saw mill

ENGLISH Lucinda 38 F keeps house

Mortimer 13 M at school

Marion 10 M at school

Ida 6 F at school

Frank 1 M

ENLGISH Robert 48 M farmer

Caroline 32 F keeps house

Murcilis? 15 M works on farm

Ella 13 F at school

Clara 10 F at school

Orman 4 M

Betsy 75 F

CLODIAS 21 M works saw mill

SIMMONS John 66 M Carpenter

Hannah 63 F keeps house

John 20 M works on farm

SIMMONS Oscar 22 M works on farm

Y. 19 F keeps house

TUTTLE Francis 54 M farmer

Mary 40 F keeps house

James 12 M at school

TUTTLE James 21 M works on farm

TUTTLE Jane 50 F house keeper

Eliza 25 F at home

I've made these names out to the best of my ability. If there are mistakes, they are mine. Some names are VERY difficult to decipher.

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