Early South Bend History ~ Robert W. Smith ~ 1883

Early South Bend History ~ J.A. Beers ~ 1914

Profiles of Some Early Local Settlers

Wherry Genealogy - Pictures - Reminiscences of John Nesbit, Oscar and Helen

Description of Homes, Farms, Businesses - 1920

Along the Main Road from Apollo to Elderton

Villages of: Girty ~ Idaho ~ Olivet

Elderton History and Pictures

South Bend's One-Room Grade Schools

Short History of South Bend (Source Unknown)

An 1876 Map of South Bend Township

U.S. Geological Map of South Bend Township

South Bend History 1913-1979 - Ruth Silvis

History of South Bend Cabin & Restoration in 2007

Burrell Township History and Pictures

Early History of Armstrong County

Plum Creek & Kisiminitas Townships

Panaramic Map Sketches of Apollo - 1896

Old Scenes of Indiana, Pa and Other Communities

Old Pictures of South Bend Area

Township Families ~ Genealogy & Pictures

Church Histories ~ Anniversaries ~ Pictures

South Bend & Other Area Cemeteries

Construction at Keystone Station - 1964 - 67

Scenes From South Bend Township ~ 2001

Pictures of the 9/18/04 Flood and Church

Looking Back ~ Early 1900s Thru the 1940s

Poems and Remembrances In Memoriam

Obituaries-Margaret Dunmire Files

South Bend "Old Times Day" - Nov. 13, 1983

Miscellaneous/Random Files

Elders Ridge Academy - History/Pictures

Outbuildings and Outhouses ~ Early 1900s
Sketches, Buildings, Farm Equipment, Poems

Sketches of Washington, D.C. in the 1880s

Sketches of Early Rural American Life

Civil War Battle of Gettysburg - Pictures - Maps

South Bend Village Aerial Photo by Lawrence OMasta

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