Map of Potter County

Map of Potter County, Pennsylvania Showing Surrounding Counties

Potter County is bounded by Tioga and Lycoming Counties on the east, Cameron and Clinton Counties on the south and Cameron and McKean on the west. The north is bounded by the New York State counties of Allegany and Steuben.

Maps derived from U. S. Bureau of the Census Tiger maps. The maps are public domain and, therefore, free of copyright problems.

Potter County Showing Major Highways.

Map of Potter County


Potter County Showing Secondary Roads.

Map of Potter County

Potter County Showing Townships and Settlements.

Map of Potter County
Township Borders and Settlements Hand Drawn By Dan Hyde

Townships in Potter County

1 Sharon
2 Oswayo
3 Genesee
4 Bingham
5 Harrison
6 Pleasant Valley
7 Clara
8 Hebron
9 Allegany
10 Ulysses
11 Hector
12 Roulette
13 Eulalia
14 Sweden
15 Pike
16 Keating
17 Homer
18 Summit
19 West Branch
20 Portage
21 Sylvania
22 Wharton
23 East Fork
24 Abbott
25 Stewardson

History of the development of Potter County's townships, including a discussion of why important to genealogists.

Map of Potter County, PA in 1895

Maps locating geographic features in Potter County from the U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information System. Almost 1000 features listed for Potter County including hills, valleys, creeks, trails and towns! If you want to know where "Bailey Hill" is in Potter County, this is the place.

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