Vital Records of Potter Co., PA for 1876

Notes from Newspapers of One Hundred Years Ago

From Potter County Historical Society Quarterly Bulletins
No. 39 - January 1976; No. 40 - April 1976; No. 41 - July 1976; and No. 42 - October 1976

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January 6, 1876

MARRIED: Raymond - Cutler. At the residence of the bride's father in Bingham, Dec. 29, 1875, by Rev. V.L. Garrett, Mr. A.A. Raymond and Miss Mary M. Cutler.

MARRIED: Holcomb - Abson. At M.E. Parsonage, Coudersport, Dec. 30, 1875, by Rev. S. Millward, Mr. Carleton H. Holcomb of Annin and Miss Sarah Abson of Sweden Township.

MARRIED: Schadenberger - Reisman. At the home of the bride's parents, Jan. 3, 1876, by Rev. S. Millward, Mr. Fred Schadenberger and Miss Annie Reismann, both of Coudersport.

MARRIED: Ford - Reed. On Thursday, Dec. 16, 1875, at the St. Charles Hotel in Emporium by A.H. Boynton, Esq., John D. Ford of Liberty and Miss Beulah Reed of Roulet.

DIED: Jan. 3, 1876, after a lingering illness, John Warner of Coudersport.

DIED: At the residence of William Dodd in Sweden Township, Jan. 2, 1876, Leontes Hendrick, in the 80th year of his age. Born in Guilford, Chenango County, New York.

DIED: In Oswayo, Dec. 21, 1875, Margaret, wife of W.W. Dwight.

January 13, 1876

MARRIED: Chevalier - Griffith. At East Sharon on Dec. 24, 1875, by Rev. George Sherman, Charles Chevalier of Sharon and Miss Lucina Griffith of Bolivar.

DIED: In Lewisville, Sunday, Dec. 26, 1875, Mrs. Julia E. Burtis.

DIED: In Oberlin, Ohio, the 13th inst., at his parents' home, George N. Sunderlin, son of Cyrus and Sarah Sunderlin, in the 21st year of his age.

January 20, 1876

MARRIED: Nelson - Densmore. At the residence of the bride's parents in Allegany Township, Jan. 16, 1876, by Samuel Beebe, Esq., Mr. H.E. Nelson and Miss E.E. Densmore, both of Allegany Township.

MARRIED: Monroe - Downey. At Brookland, Pa., Dec. 28, 1875, by Thomas G. Hull, Esq., Ernest Adelbert Monroe of Ulysses and Melvina Roxana Downey of Newark Valley, N.Y.

MARRIED: Waterman - Hill. Jan. 6, 1876, at the home of the bride by Rev. D. Leisenring, Mr. George S. Waterman of Waterville, N.Y., and Miss Lydia A. Hill, of Genesee, Pa.

DIED: At West Pike on the morning of Dec. 10, 1875, Holbert K. Holcomb, aged 69 years and nine days. He was born in Leroy, Bradford County, Pa., Dec. 1, 1814.

DIED: In Brookland, Pa., Dec. 25, 1875, Joseph E. Drake, in the 20th year of his age.

DIED: Dec. 24, 1875, Elizabeth, wife of Francis Parmateer, about 60 years of age.

January 27, 1876

MARRIED: Sterrett - Dent. At the residence of the bride's brother, Mr. William Dent, Brookland, Pa., Jan. 20, 1876, by Rev. Andrew Hull, D.D., rector of Christ Church Montpelier, Vt., Rev. James McBride Sterrett, B.C., rector of St. John's Church of Wellsville, N.Y., to Adlumnia, daughter of the late Henry Hatch Dent of Brookland, formerly of Charles County, Md.

February 3, 1876

MARRIED: Armstrong - Loyster. At the residence of the bride's father, Jan. 23, 1876, by Rev. George H. Peeke, Mr. Orlando E. Armstrong of Moravia, N.Y., and Miss Emma A., daughter of Calvin Loyster of Nile, N.Y.

DIED: Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1876, Mettie Maud, youngest child of William W. and Amelia A. Moore, age 10 months and nine days.

DIED: In Sharon, Dec. 12, 1875, Amy, wife of C.C. Ruddell, aged 59 years.

DIED: As we go to press we learn of the death of Zalmon F. Robinson of Harrison Township.

DIED: H.D. Fuller, aged 80 years of Bingham was buried last Wednesday.

February 10, 1876

MARRIED: Presho - Conable. In the church at Raymond, Feb. 5, 1876, by Rev. J.L. Swain, Mr. Arthur L. Presho and Miss Sarah Conable.

MARRIED: Webster - English. On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1876, at the home of the bride by Rev. Charles Breck, D.D., Mr. Marcus T. Webster of Ellisburg and Miss Mary E., daughter of Richard English, Esq., of Wellsboro.

DIED: Myrtle, infant daughter of Eugene and Mary A. Henyan, Jan. 15, 1876.

DIED: In Port Allegany, Jan. 30, 1876, Kate, wife of N.V. Jackson, age 42 years.

February 17, 1876

MARRIED: Glover - Rinehaults. At Keating Summit, Feb. 5, 1876, by E. Fitch, Esq., Thomas A. Glover and Lida Renehaults.

DIED: In Coudersport, Feb. 10, 1876, of diphtheria, Grace, only daughter of William H. and Ada Rounseville, aged five years.

DIED: In Sharon, at the residence of his son-in-law, George W. Prince, Feb. 11, 1876, Moses Burbank of paralysis, aged about 78 years.

DIED: In Sharon, Feb. 14, 1876, at the residence of M.H. Nichols, David Howe, aged about 80 years.

February 24, 1876

MARRIED: Jewell - Wright. Feb. 8, 1876, in Irving, Marshall County, Kansas, by Gavin Reid, J.P., Lyman L. Jewell and Elizabeth C. Wright, both formerly of this vicinity.

DIED: In Sweden Twp., Feb. 22, 1876, at the residence of Edward Dodd, Mrs. Julia A. Lyon, aged 56 years. Her son, Charles W. Lyon, died a short time ago.

DIED: Feb. 12, 1876, after a short illness, Rev. O. Pemberton, aged 67, passed away, of Sunderlinville.

March 2, 1876

MARRIED: Byam - Peasley. Feb. 18, 1876, at the residence of the bride's parents on Peasley Hill by Rev. J.L. Swain, Mr. Lafayette Byam of Eulalia, son of Chauncy Byam, and Miss Emily Peasley of Ulysses, Pa.

DIED: Feb. 29, 1876, in Coudersport, Pa., Herman Yunge, after a long illness.

DIED: In Sweden Twp., Feb. 23, 1876, Ellen Ann, daughter of J.T. and E.A. Jackson, in her 19th year.

March 9, 1876

DIED: Benjamin Burt, one of Potter's oldest pioneers and the first settler of Roulet Township, died Monday, Feb. 23, 1876. He moved to this county from Chemung County, N.Y., in 1811. He was 96 years old when he died.

DIED: In Sweden, March 5, 1876, Asenath, daughter of J.T. and E.A. Jackson, in her 21st year.

DIED: At Bingham, Feb. 18, 1876, Benjamin L. Grover, aged 63 years.

DIED: At West Branch, March 3, 1876, Polly A. Vanhoosen, widow of Samuel Vanhoosen, aged 38 years.

March 16, 1876

MARRIED: Sharp - Hand. March 5, 1876, near Raymond, by Rev. J.L. Swain, Mr. Samuel M. Sharp of Genesee and Miss Sophia D. Hand from Bingham.

DIVORCE: A.R. Porter has decreed a divorce from Sally Porter.

DIED: At Lewisville, March 5, 1876, Mary Elwood, wife of Mr. A.R. Tidd, aged 22 years.

March 23, 1876

DIED: Mrs. Pemberton, widow of the late O.H. Pemberton, was buried today, March 17, 1876.

March 30, 1876

MARRIED: Phoenix - Turck. In Allegany Twp., Jan. 31, 1876, by Rev. J.L. Swain, Mr. Joshua T. Phoenix and Miss Anna A. Turck, both of Pike Township, Potter County.

DIED: In Sylvania, March 21, 1876, Lizzie, wife of Robert K. Young.

April 13, 1876

MARRIED: McGinnly - Wambold. At Almond, N.Y., by Rev. B.H. Carryer, March 26, 1876, James R. McGinnly of Sparta, N.Y., and Harriet C. Wambold of Almond.

MARRIED: Stannard - Edwards. Apr. 4, 1876, by J.L. Allen, Esq., Adin B. Stannard of Clara and Mrs. Harriet Edwards of Hebron.

DIED: April 5, 1876, in Hebron, Nettie, wife of William Peterson.

DIED: In Clara, April 8, 1876, Matilda, daughter of Jones and Mary Willey, aged two years, nine months.

April 20, 1876

MARRIED: Glase - Kryder. At the residence of A.H. Pierce in Coudersport, April 14, 1876, by Rev. N. Hart, James W. Glase of Lymansville and Miss Emma Kryder of Kettle Creek.

MARRIED: Soper - Walker. In Oswayo, April 12, 1876, at the home of the bride's father by Rev. N. Hart, Walter S. Soper of Bradford County and Fanny E. Walker.

DIED: Mrs. George Townsend April 18, 1876.

April 27, 1876

MARRIED: Smith - Drake. At Brookland, Apr. 15, 1876, at the home of the bride's father by Thomas Hull, Esq., Adelbert W. Smith and Mary Drake, both of Ulysses.

MARRIED: Smith - Merrick. At Canisteo, N.Y., by Rev. C.E. Millspaugh April 2, 1876, H.L. Smith of Chippewa Falls, Wisc., and Miss E.J. Merrick of Pike Mills.

MARRIED: Grover - Robbins. April 16, 1876, at Whitesville by Rev. E.H. Robertson, R.E. Grover of Bingham and Miss Janet Robbins of Independence, N.Y.

DIED: At Brookland, Saturday, April 22, 1876, Henry Hatch, son of William and Fanny E. Dent, aged 10 months and 23 days.

DIED: In Bingham, April 12, 1876, William Spencer, aged 55 years. Survived by wife and five children.

DIED: In Hebron, March 29, 1876, George M., son of Frank and Ann Crandall, aged six months.

May 4, 1876

DIED: In Hebron, April 24, 1876, Albert Davis in his 75th year.

DIED: In Ulysses, April 29, 1876, Benjamin Baker aged 82 years.

DIED: In Lewisville, April 22, 1876, Julie, wife of Moses Hackett, in the 57th year of her life.

May 18, 1876

BIRTH: W.A. Gardner is the happy recipient of a Centennial prize, ten pounds and three quarters. It is a girl, born May 2, 1876.

MARRIED: Cavanaugh - Curtis. At the residence of H. Lord in Oswayo, May 13, 1876, by Rev. Underwood, James Cavanaugh and Miss Marcella Curtis, both of Allegany Township.

MARRIED: Robbins - Smith. May 10, 1876, at the home of Thomas Crittenden in Oswayo by Rev. L.A. Underwood, Thomas Robbins and Mrs. Frances Smith.

DIED: In Hebron, April 30, 1876, Mrs. Abigail Goodnoe, aged 69 years.

DIED: In Oswayo, May 9, 1876, Eva May, only daughter of Charles and Louisa Head, aged one year.

May 25, 1876

MARRIED: Sherwood - Ball. In Allegany Twp., May 18, 1876, by J.C. Bishop, Esq., Charles Sherwood and Miss Philena Ball, both of Hebron.

June 8, 1876

DIED: At his father's residence in Sweden, March 22, 1876, in his 24th year of age, Joshua Jackson, only son of Joshua Jackson.

June 15, 1876

MARRIED: Spearing - Head. On June 4, 1876, at the home of the bride by E.F.C. Jeory, Esq., William Spearing and Miss Annie Head, both of Stewardson Township.

DIED: In West Pike, May 30, 1876, Ausilla, wife of Samuel Brown, aged 58 years.

June 22, 1876

DIED: Mrs. Eve Lyman died about January 26, 1876.

DIED: May 20, 1876, at Oswayo, Miss Sarah Ingraham at the home of her sister, Mrs. William Cone. She came from Warren County, N.Y., to live with her brother, Clark Ingraham, until his death, afterwards with her sister.

June 29, 1876

MARRIED: Clark Crum and Miss Maryette Easton, June 20, 1876, by Rev. Charles Slack.

DIED: Horace Warner of Sharon died June 21, 1876.

DIED: In Keating, June 13, 1876, Charles McNess, aged 53 years.

DIED: Timothy Howe, 81 years and six months old, was laid to rest June 21, 1876, at Bingham. He was a soldier in the War of 1812.

July 6, 1876

MARRIED: Townsend - Potter. In Hebron, July 2, 1876, at the home of Isaac Wanecot by H. Woodward, Esq., George Townsend and Hattie Potter.

DIED: H.F. Sizer of Portage Township, Cameron County, June 28, 1876.

July 13, 1876

MARRIED: Genung - Bier. June 25, 1876, at the home of Dwight Genung by Rev. C. Slack, Delos Genung of Lewisville, Pa., and Miss Bier of Ashville, N.Y.

MARRIED: Dalaba - Dennis. July 4, 1876, at the Lewisville Hotel by Rev. C. Slack, S.H. Dalaba and Miss S.J. Dennis, both of Hector.

MARRIED: Buck - Snyder. July 4, 1876, by Rev. C. Slack, W.W. Buck of Harrison Valley and Miss E.A. Snyder of North Fork.

MARRIED: Hendryx - Collar. July 3, 1876, by Rev. J.L. Swain at his residence near Raymond, Frank A. Hendryx of Allegany Township and Miss Olive W. Collar of Ellisburg.

MARRIED: Card - Pawson. At the home of Benjamin Card in Roulet on July 4, 1876, by Rev. T.J. Butterfield, Jasper Card and Miss Alice Pawson, both of Roulet.

DIED: Carrie, second daughter of A.C. Perkins of Coudersport, Tuesday evening of diphtheria.

July 20, 1876

MARRIED: Mulkin - Stevens. July 2, 1876, in Ceres by N. Peabody, Esq., Albert Mulkin and Miss Eva Stevens, both of Sharon.

MARRIED: Starkweather - Jordan. At the M.E. Parsonage in Coudersport, July 7, 1876, by Rev. S. Millward, Arthur W. Starkweather of Lymansville and Miss Annie A. Jordan of East Homer.

DIED: Randall Wilmont, father of David Wilmont, and a one time resident of Coudersport, died in Ohio on Saturday at the age of 88 years.

DIED: M.H. Wilkinson at his home in Sunderlinville, July 11, 1876, aged 41 years.

July 27, 1876

MARRIED: July 23, 1876, in Bingham at the home of the bride's father by Rev. Tracy Scott, Charles F. Henry and Miss Anna M., daughter of Ora Thompson.

August 10, 1876

MARRIED: July 6, 1876, at Clara by J.L. Allen, Esq., Joseph N. Blauvelt and Miss Luella Losee, all of Sharon.

MARRIED: At Trout Run, Kettle Creek, on Aug. 3, 1876, by Rev. T.S. Faus, Miss Ada Grant and Mr. Allen Quinn, both of Trout Run.

August 17, 1876

MARRIED: By the Rev. L.G. Heck on Aug. 6, 1876, at the home of the bride's parents near Sinnemahoning, John S. Langdon and Milly Wykoff.

MARRIED: At the residence of the bride's parents at Millport, Aug. 13, 1876, by J.L. Allen, Esq., Frank E. Henyan and Miss Mary L. Barnes, all of Millport.

MARRIED: Aug. 14, 1876, at Grace Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, V. Perry Carter of Ceres and Lottie Kimball of Cincinnati.

DIED: In West Branch Aug. 13, 1876, Marlin, youngest son of Walter and Mary J. Thompson, aged two years.

DIED: Aug. 15, 1876, Susan, wife of W.A. Crosby, in Coudersport.

August 31, 1876

MARRIED: By H. Maltby, July 4, 1876, William Willoughby and Miss Flora M. Thompson of Trout Run.

MARRIED: On Aug. 26, 1876, at the home of the bride's father, Mr. Bigler Berfield and Miss Althea Logue, both of Wharton Township.

September 7, 1876

DIED: At Lymansville Aug. 29, 1876, Mrs. Almira, wife of L.D. Spafford, in the 76th year of her life. She came to Potter County from Vermont when she was 19 years old.

DIED: Hon. Solomon Sartwell, one of the oldest residents of McKean County, died at his residence in Smethport on August 24, 1876. He was born in Littleton, N.H., on Jan. 16, 1796, thus having lived to the advanced age of over 80 years. He was the oldest living of the first settlers of the county, having come here in 1816. His wife, who remains behind, came here two years later. They were married in a little log cabin on what is known as the old King place, about two miles from this borough, and at that time surrounded by the trackless forest. We well remember the happy and pleasant occasion of the celebration of their golden wedding, Jan. 1, 1872. Judge Sartwell has for over 60 years been a resident of McKean County. He was a prominent sharer in all the trials and duties of an early pioneer. He was, until within the last several years, largely and actively engaged in lumbering and the mercantile business. He was elected High Sheriff of Potter and McKean Counties, two terms, and organized both counties for judicial purposes. He has been Treasurer of McKean two years, Postmaster 20 years, and five years as Associate Judge.

September 10, 1876

MARRIED: Aug. 26, 1876, by Lemuel Lucore, Esq., George T. Everett of Portage, Potter County, and Miss Ettie Miller of Emporium.

September 21, 1876

MARRIED: Sept. 16, 1876, at the M.E. Parsonage in Coudersport by Rev. S. Millward, Albert A. Reed and Miss Angie M. Green, both of Hebron.

DIED: An old and esteemed citizen, Hezekiah Kibbe, died Sept. 10, 1876, aged 74 years. He was an honest and industrious farmer. He move on the farm where he died in 1826 when the county was very new and by some 50 years of patient toil and industry, had made a comfortable home and good property.

September 28, 1876

MARRIED: At the residence of Almeron Nelson of Lymansville by Rev. S. Millward, William H. Abson of Sweden and Miss Hattie A. Smith of Summit.

MARRIED: In Westfield, Pa., Sept. 19, 1876, by Rev. I. Everett at the home of Hollister Baker, father of the bride, Herbert E. Baker of Ulysses and Miss Effie C. Baker of Westfield.

DIED: Lucas Cushing, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of our county, died at his home in Coudersport, Sept. 27, 1876.

October 5, 1876

DIED: At Trout Run, Kettle Creek, Sunday morning, Sept. 18, 1876, Mrs. Elizabeth Fish, the wife of Hamilton Fish.

October 12, 1876

MARRIED: Sill - Johnson. In Roulet, Oct. 8, 1876, at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. N. Hart, Deforest Sill of Franklinville, N.Y., and Miss Dora E. Johnson of Roulet, Pa.

DIED: In Richmond, St. Croix Co., Wisc., Aug. 28, 1876, Samuel Palmer, aged 72 years and 6 days. He was formerly of Potter County.

DIED: Another solider has received his final discharge from the warfare of life. He had received his wounds while defending our soil at Gettysburg. Lewis S. Healy died Oct. 6, 1876, from wounds received July 3, 1863. He was about 52 years old and leaves a widow and eight children.

October 19, 1876

MARRIED: Logan - Judd. Oct. 11, 1876, at the home of the bride's parents by Rev. H.F. Cares, John D. Logan and Miss Jennie L. Judd both of Emporium, Pa.

MARRIED: Quimby - Northrup. At the home of L.S. Quimby at Homer, Oct. 15, 1876, by Rev. L.C. McElroy of Coudersport, Freeman Quimby and Miss Amadell Northrup, both of Homer.

October 26, 1876

MARRIED: Fessenden - Weiderick. In Roulet, Oct. 24, 1876, at the home of the bride's parents by the Rev. N. Hart, Alfonso M. Fessenden of Oswayo and Miss Alice O. Weiderick of Roulet.

MARRIED: Brine - Kelley. In Roulet, Oct. 24, 1876, at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. N. Hart, William Brine and Miss Martha Kelley, both of Roulet.

DIED: Robert Kennedy Young Esq., at Dansville, Tuesday morning, Oct. 17, 1876, aged 53 years. He moved to Portage Township, Potter County, in 1847.

November 2, 1876

MARRIED: Moodie - Pye. Oct. 12, 1876, by Rev. J.L. Swain at his residence in Allegany Township, George Moodie of Genesee and Miss Estella Pye of Allegany Township.

MARRIED: Heggie - McKinney. Oct. 25, 1876, at Ithaca, N.Y., Robert A. Heggie and Maggie McKinney.

MARRIED: Dolley - Saunders. Oct. 24, 1876, at the home of the bride's parents in Roulet by Rev. A.H. Maryott, Izates Dolley of Port Allegany and Miss Adella A. Saunders of Roulet.

DIED: Oct. 24, 1876, Floss Estell, daughter of Daniel and Sophia Fuller, aged two years, one month, 11 days.

DIED: Major Isaac Strait in Columbia, Bradford County, Pa., Oct. 14, 1876, in his 75th year.

November 16, 1876

MARRIED: Stanton - Ross. Nov. 16, 1876, by Rev. Wood, Alfred Stanton of Farmwell, Va., and Miss Mary Ross of Coudersport.

MARRIED: Bassett - Hackett. Oct. 31, 1876, by Rev. Tracy Scott, O.R. Bassett to Miss Louise Hackett, both of Ulysses, Pa.

MARRIED: Coy - Coats. Nov. 12, 1876, by J.L. Allen, Esq., L.M. Coy and Miss Harriet Adell Coats, the former of Genesee Forks and the latter of Allegany Township.

DIED: Carrie B., daughter of Perry and Elizabeth C. Brigham, in Ulysses on Oct. 24, 1876, aged seven years.

DIED: Nov. 13, 1876, at the home of her daughter in Harrison, Kezia, wife of Isaac Thompson, 79 years old.

November 23, 1876

MARRIED: Hammond - Ainsley. At the Lyman House in Lewisville, Nov. 20, 1876, by Rev. C. Slack, D. Hammond of West Branch and Miss M. Ainsley of West Pike.

DIED: Isaac Byam of Ulysses in November of 1876.

DIED: Susan Ayres, Nov. 18, 1876, at Ayres Hill, wife of George Ayres, aged 87 years, 10 months, 21 days.

November 30, 1876

DIED: Atlas B. Bennitt, Nov. 25, 1876, in Ulysses of typhoid fever in his 61st year.

December 7, 1876

MARRIED: Phillips - Maynard. In Willing, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1876, at the home of C.W. Stephens, Esq., Eugene Phillips and Miss Dolly Maynard, both of Oswayo, Pa.

DIED: Captain Otis Lyman at Cambridge, Mich., Nov. 21, 1876, aged 72 years. He was a brother of the late Burrel Lyman of Roulet.

December 14, 1876

MARRIED: Eaton - Kent. At the residence of the bride's parents in Coudersport, Dec. 7, 1876, by Rev. S.C. McElroy, Henry Eaton and Miss Mary A. Kent, all of Coudersport.

MARRIED: Hull - Dent. Dec. 12, 1876, by Rev. A. Hull, D.D., at the home of the bride's brother at Brookland, Thomas G. Hull and Anna M.A., the daughter of the late Henry H. Dent of this county.

December 21, 1876

DIED: Dec. 29, 1876, at his home in Allegany Township, Samuel Peet. He was born July 23, 1814.

DIED: At Raymond on Sunday, Nov. 26, 1876, Rhoda, wife of Amos Raymond, in the 63rd year of her age.

December 28, 1876

MARRIED: Flynn - Wetmore. In West Branch, Dec. 17, 1876, by A. Bisbee, Esq., Mark P. Flynn of Jackson and Hattie E. Wetmore of Hector.

MARRIED: Dwight - Bentley. At Clara on Dec. 24, 1876, by J.L. Allen, Esq., W.W. Dwight and Miss Carrie E. Bentley, all of Hebron.

MARRIED: Barnes - Hall. At the home of the bride's parents by J.L. Allen, Esq., James S. Barnes of Millport and Mrs. Eva A. Hall of Clara.

DIED: George Ward of Summit Township was killed last Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1876, while working on the landing banking logs for George Slarrow on his log job on the Phenix.

DIED: Ernest Wright of Pleasant Valley Township died on Friday night, Dec. 22, 1876, in the 42nd year of his age.

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