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If you can't find a name the way you normally spell it; think outside of the box. Be creative.

Are there ways the name is frequently misspelled? Is there a spelling that "sounds like" the name? (Whipple vs. Wipple, for example.) Substitute one vowel for another, e.g., Hoffman for Huffman.

S. P. Bates presented his data in tables back in the days when print face was set by hand. To make a full name fit in the space allocated it, the printer rarely had space to include middle names, even middle initials. If a name was too long, the first name was the first to be abbreviated. In rare cases, the last name is also abbreviated. Rules for abbreviations were more or less created to fit the situation. One first name could be abbreviated several ways, depending on the space available. For example, Edward is abbreviated as: Edw. Ed'wd. E'ward. John is always abbreviated as Jno.

For names beginning with "Mc" (McCarty, McDonald, McConnell), the printer substituted an apostrophe for the "c" so the names are spelled as "M'Carty," "M'Donald," "M'Connell".







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