Arrival of Four Government Steamers in Annapolis  

Several Thousand Union Prisoners Arrived and on Their Way
March 6, 1865

Source: New York Times, March 8, 1865

Six Hundred Released Union Officers

Annapolis, Md., Monday, March 6, 1865.

The Steamers Fairbanks, Utopia, Thames, and Cumberland arrived here yesterday from Wilmington, N. C. loaded with released Union prisoners, recently exchanged. Others are hourly expected.

These prisoners tell the same sad tale of privation, exposure, filth and wretchedness of the Southern prisons. But they are generally in much better condition than those who have come home before them, and after a thorough wash and renovation of clothing, present quite a lively and cheerful appearance. Their fresh blue uniforms and overcoats give to the camps and hospital grounds quite an animated aspect.

The officers from Pennsylvania are listed below:

Last Name

First Name



Allright   Captain 87th Regiment
Baker W. F. Lieut. 87th Regiment
Barton J. L. Lieut. 49th Regiment
Bayard Geo. A. Captain 148th Regiment
Bella James W. Lieut. 2d Heavy Artillery
Brown George L. Lieut. 101st Regiment
Buckholder D. W. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Campbell Wm. F. Lieut. 51st Regiment
Carter W. H. Lieut. 5th Regiment
Cochran Thos. G. Lieut. 77th Regiment
Cosslett Charles Lieut. 116th Regiment
Cunningham James Lieut. 7th Reserves
Drake C. H. Lieut. 142d Regiment
Dushane J. M. Captain 142d Regiment
Evans T. E. Lieut. 52d Regiment
Fagan Charles A. Lieut. 11th Reserves
Fahs John Captain 87th Regiment
Fleeger George W. Lieut. 11th Reserves
Grant Geo. W. Lieut. 88th Regiment
Haines H. A. Captain 184th Regiment
Hawkins G. W. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Hayden James A. Captain 11th Reserves
Heffelfinger J. M. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Hefley A. Captain 142d Regiment
Jobe B. A. Captain 11th Reserves
Jones Alfred Lieut. 5th Regiment
Kelly G. R. Lieut. 1st Cavalry
Kim John Lieut. 7th Reserves
Knox Geo. W. Lieut. 109th P. V. I.
Luther J. C. Lieut. 1st Rifles, 13th Reserves
McHugh John Captain 69th Regiment
Mclaughlin John Lieut. 53d Regiment
McNutt R. J. Captain 1st Cavalry
M'Dowell Jno. S. Captain 77th Regiment
Neher Wm. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Niewander D. M. Lieut. 2d Heavy Artillery
Nuce Andrew M. Lieut. 73d Regiment
Phelps S. D. Lieut. 9th Cavalry
Philips Wm. B. Adjutant 2d Heavy Artillery
Post James Lieut. 149th Regiment
Riley L. H. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Sailor John Lieut. 13th Cavalry
Schroad Jno. C. Captain 77th Regiment
Scudder A. A. Lieut. 6th Reserves
Silter Jos. R. Lieut. 2d Cavalry
Smith H. J. Captain 53d Regiment
Smith Jas. P. Lieut. 49th Regiment
Snowwhite Ernst H. A. Lieut. 7th Reserves
Speed L.S. Major 7th Reserves
Stevens J. L. Lieut. 52d Regiment
Stover Michael H. Lieut. 184th Regiment
Stroman Chas. P. 2d Lieut. 87th Regiment
Templeton Oscar Captain 107th Regiment
White A. B. Lieut. 4th Cavalry
Zarracher Fred'k. Captain 18th Cavalry
Zugler Aaron Lieut. 7th Reserves






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