Paroles of Prisoners of War
Frederick, Md.
September 8, 1862

Source: National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107

The individual paroles read as follows:

I, ________, Company _, _____ Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, U. S. Army, being held a Prisoner of War by the Confederate States of America, do bind myself on honor not to serve the U. S. Army in any capacity whatsoever, either civil or military, until regularly exchanged.

Last Name

First Name



Conrad Philip 74th P. V. I. E
Daugherty Francis 46th P. V. I. B
Doebele Gottlieb 75th P. V. I. B
Dunwood Jno. 46th P. V. I. F
Eighmey Jacob 111th P. V. I. H
Froehlinger A. 27th P. V. I. D
Hildebrant Jos 84th P. V. I. D
Lewis Abt. B. 75th P. V. I. B
Lowry D. B. 46th P. V. I. H
Noey Sethq 109th P. V. I. C
Ott Lewis 75th P. V. I. B
Roman Conrad 74th P. V. I. B
Sellman F. 25th P. V. I. B
Sugler Martin 73d P. V. I. C
Tubbs Nathan H. 13th Reserves G






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