Paroled Wounded Prisoners of War
Gettysburg, Pa.
July 1863

Source: National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107

Confederate States Forces
Gettusburg, Pa.
July 21, 1863

The following named Prisoners of War, captured near Gettysburg, Penna., are paroled upon the following conditions, viz: Not to take up arms against the Confederate States, or to do any military duty watever, or to give any information that may be prejudicial to the interestes of the same, until regularly exchanged. This parole is extended to the sick & wounded & their nurses for the sake of humanity.


Z. A. Fontaine
A. Surgeon, N.3A
IV Corps Artillery

By Order of Gen'l. R. E. Lee
A. A. General
II Corps

Last Name

First Name



Allen William H. Sergeant 153d P. V. I.
Batson Richard W. Corporal 21st Wisconsin
Bigginstaff Elijah Sergeant 25th Ohio
Bowman Albert L. Private 134th New York
Breeze Wm. H. Corporal 134th New York
Campbell B. T. Private 24th Michigan
Canial Jno. J. Sergeant 134th New York
Carson Winston Sergeant 25th Ohio
Clapp Jno. M. Captain 121st P. V. I.
Deubue Gilbert Private 24th Michigan
Dingman Ruben Corporal 134th New York
Elhart F. L. Private 134th New York
Flanaghan Mark Private 24th Michigan
Glump Wm. K. Private 25th Ohio
Griffin Cyrus Private 134th New York
Hanes James L. Private 154th New York
Hill Geo. Private 21st Wisconsin
Hyler James R. Private 13th New York Artillery
Jackson Jeremiah Private 134th New York
Kaykert G. W. Private 154th New York
King Lawrence Private 134th New York
Kirke Lewis Private 68th New York
Lenielle Charles Corporal 27th P. V. I.
McCalney A, T, Private 7th Wisconsin
McLaw Isaac Captain 134th New York
Moore O. M. Private 24th Michigan
Odell Benigan Private 25th Ohio
Platz Fred. Private 134th New York
Ponce de Leon Chas. Private 24th P. V. I.
Reinhart Abram Sergeant 134th New York
Rickter Wm. Private 134th New York
Rockwell Henry Private 134th New York
Roe J. B. Private 134th New York
Roocke Francis Corporal 134th New York
Rush Wm. Private 25th Ohio
Say Alfred Private 121st P. V. I.
St. John Oscar Sergeant 17th P. V. I.
Taylor Wm. H. Private 134th New York
Teasby Geo. A. Private 134th New York
Tennile Daniel L. Private 25th Ohio
Vandercoten Jerome Private 134th New York
Walker Wm. G. Private 134th New York
Warhine Jno. H. Private 75th Ohio
Witty Wm. Private 134th New York
Wogalbach Adolphus Lieut. 27th P. V. I.
Wright Charles Private 21st Ohio, Battery I






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