Sick and Wounded Prisoners of War
from Pennsylvania
Delivered on Parole at City Point, Va., July 19, 1862

National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107, Box No. 1, File No. 3.
The register is signed by Jas. D. Cullen, Chief Surgeon of General Longstreet's Corps, C. S. A.






Allshouse, Amos Private H 11th Thigh
Anstice, Edmund Private E 61st Arm
Anylus (?), Thomas Private E 9th Leg
Armstrong, R. C. Private G 11th Arm
Baker, Daniel Private C 72d Breast
Bassett, Jerome Private K 83d Arm/Side
Beers, Samuel Private D 11th Thigh
Bell, J. F. Private A 105th Sick
Bell, John T/F (?) Lt. I 62d Knee, Slight
Bell, Samuel L. Private C 11th Shoulder
Bent, Thos. Private F 5th Reserves Leg, Severe
Billing, Geo. Private D 98th Arm
Bogart, Wallace Private A 42d Leg
Bothwell, R. B. Private B 42nd Leg
Boyer, George W. Private C 63d Foot
Brewster, James C. Private G 5th Cavalry Breast
Brown, Robt. J. Private D 4th Reserves Thigh, Shoulder
Budlong, F. H. Corporal I 62d Side
Burke, J. C. Lt. A 11th Knee Slight
Burns, Jos. F. or T. Private I 62d Arm
Call, James Private L 12th Reserves Shoulder
Carnahan, F. M. Private H 11th Leg
Carnahan, L. A. Corporal I 9th Reserves Leg
Carr, E. Private G 3d Reserves Head
Carr, Wm. A. Private K 57th Head
Casler, Geog. Private C 63d Hand
Caufman, Chas. E. Private K 1st Reserves Leg
Caufman, H. W. Corporal K 1st Reserves  
Cornell, Sidney Private B 3d Reserves Arm
Covey, E. Private C 83d Arm
Coyl, John A. Private C 5th Reserves Head
Crombine/Prombine, S. I. Sergeant H 103d Thigh
Crouch, W. S. Private A 8th Reserves Side
Davis, R. R. Private A 11th Thigh
DeHavens, John A. Private A 105th  
Derrickson, W. H. Sergeant D 4th Reserves Foot
Donahue, Michael Private B 104th Thigh
Donnovan, John Private F 10th Reserves Hand
Doran, John C. Sergeant E 11th Leg
Drake, John B. Private H 62d Leg, Severe
Duncan, George W. Private B 63d Head
Eather, John J. Corporal G 1st Reserves Foot
Eisenhaw, Wm. Private C 7th Reserves Side
Engle, John Private K 11th Arm
Ennis, Dayton Private E 5th Reserves Thigh, Severe
Faulk, David K. Private G 11th Side
Fenstermacher, Stephen Private G 81st Hand
Freas, J. H. Sergeant G 105th Hip
Gansz, John Sergeant G 11th Shoulder
Gates, C. B. Captain H 4th Reserves Leg
Gobble, Reuben H. Private K 5th Reserves Right Leg
Grady, George Private C 3d Reserves Arm
Graham, Alfred Private A 62d Side
Hagan, Lawrence Private G 104th Neck & Arm
Hamlan, Martin Private E 11th Arm
Hartshorn, W. (N?) R. Adjutant   42d Head
Herr, Samuel F. Private D 1st Reserves Hip
Himmig/Himmey, Harrison Private D 3d Reserves Thigh
Horton, M. Private E 93d Hand
Hovison, Albert H. Private Co. 72d  
Hughs, Nicholas Private E 11th Shoulder
Hunley, Patrick Private C 8th Reserves Side
Huntley, R. H. Private H 10th Reserves Leg
Irwin, G. Private D 5th Reserves Shoulder
Job, A. Private H 11th Head
Judson, A. M. Lt. E 83d Arm
Kamer, ?? Private C 11th  
Kehsler, G. Private K 98th Thigh
Kelly, Dennis Private K 71st Thigh, Severe
Kelly, G. C. Private D 5th Reserves Lungs
Kinchner, Wm. Private L 62d Ankle
Kinley, George Private D 7th Reserves Arm
Kissner, Wm. Private H 1st Leg
Kitchin, A. R. 1st Sgt. D 7th Reserves Thigh
Kunkler, J. C. Private I 9th Reserves Leg
Leabaughly, John A. (Possibly Seabaughly) Private F 61st  
Lindsay, F. Private C 11th Leg
Lobough, D. W. Private E 62d Neck
Louchner, Aaron Private H 11th Arm
Luggen, Geo. W. Capt/Corp A 72d Shot
Luther, David H. Private D 83d Arm, Sight
Malone, Wm. Private F 12th Reserves Leg
Malory, James Private C 105th Arm
Marks, Rev. Chaplain   63d  
Martin, Wm. Private G 11th Side
McBride, Jas. Private I 11th Foot
McCauley, L. G. 1st Lt. C 7th Reserves Arm, Amputated
McClain, John W. Corporal H 7th Reserves Knee
McCleary, S. E. Private C 11th Right Thigh
McClusky, Felix Private B 9th Reserves Arm
McClusky, Jas. Private F 62d  
McCoy, James Private F 62d Leg
McDivot, Chas. Private G 3d Reserves Arm
McDonald, Alex Captain K 62d Thigh
McDonald, John J. Corporal D 61st Arm
McGillign, H. Private A 3d Reserves Thigh
McGuide, George W. Corporal G 11th Arm
McGuire, James Private G 11th Nose
McKelvy, John N. Private E 11th Leg
McKerly, Jas. W. Private N 72d Arm
McNally, Jas. Private G 104th Sick
McNamee, Hugh Corporal G 69th Shoulder
McNicholl, B. Private E 7th Reserves Lung
Means, Robt. R. Captain I 62d Thigh
Mecham, Thos. Private I 81st  
Mechrtyor, Henry M. Lt. Colonel   1st Reserves Foot and Arm
Michner, Jacob Private G 81st Breast
Miller, Wm. (or Millen) Corporal G 23d Head
Mineely, John Private C ? Reserves Arm
Mombray, Robt. Private E 81st Right Shoulder
Moore, A. R. Private ? 83d Foot
Moore, Wm. E. Private C 11th Arm
Morris, J. L. 1st Lt. K 10th Reserves Thigh
Neis, Ephraim Private H 62d Right Shoulder
Nickson, Evans Private D 11th Arm
Orr, Jos. Private G 62d Hip, Severe
Orth, Adam Private G 9th Reserves Leg
Pasmoor, H. F. Private C 5th Reserves Leg
Patterson, Walter Private B 4th Reserves Arm
Peters, Joseph Private I 81st Leg
Phelan, W. P. Private G 62d Face
Phillips, John Private D 4th Reserves Leg
Phillips, John Corporal H 3d Reserves Thigh
Pierce, Jeremiah Private C 83d Arm
Power, Jos. S. 1st Sgt. B 63d Breast, Severe
Prombine/Crombine, S. I. Sergeant H 103d  
Rallift, John Private A 81st Sick
Ramgife, Jason Private C 61st Mouth
Reed, Thos. Private K 9th Reserves Shin, Severe
Rice, D. A. Private A 83d Leg
Rilte, Wm. Private E 2d Reserves  
Roberts, James Private I 11th Thigh
Rupell, Daniel Private D 4th Reserves Thigh
Rutter, James Private G 11th Face
Sallade, Thos. W. Private K 11th Leg
Schraeder, John Private B 93d Arm
Scott, O. H. Private E 11th Thigh
Scuhalzel, George Corporal G 105th Face
Seabaughly/John A. (Possibly Leabaughly) Private F 61st  
Seamons, Eli B. Private A 42d Head
Shaner, Len (?) Private G 11th Thigh
Shaw, Thos. Private K 2nd Thigh
Shewell, D. Lt. N 72d Leg
Showmaker, C. Private H 5th Reserves Neck
Singleton, S. M. Sergeant C 10th Reserves Arm
Sloan, Wm. Private C 11th Breast
Smith, ?? Private H 63d Leg, Slight
Smith, G. W. Private B 105th Back
St. Clair, Daniel Private G 93d Arm
Stalley, August Private K 61st Breast
Stemek, Wm. Private B 5th Reserves Head
Stewart, W. W. Adjutant 1st Reserves Thigh  
Strumfels, C. Private D 8th Reserves Side
Stua, David Private D 11th Thigh
Sulton, John F. or T. Private D 10th Reserves Leg
Sumple, John C. Private F 62d Leg
Thomas, Josua Private B 3d Reserves Neck
Tobin, Michael Private F 61st Shoulder
Tucker, Robert Private M 102d Sick
Vandisylen, L. Corporal E 5th Reserves Breast
Walkins, Geo. Private D 2d Reserves Hand, Severe
Weaver, John F. Private E 5th Reserves Shoulder
Welch, E. Private B 7th Reserves Arm
West/Wart, George R. Private A 11th Shoulder
Wiley, A. A. Private E 11th Thigh
Williams, K. W. Private E 5th Reserves Ankle
Wishum, Henry Private D 98th Side
Withington, W. H. Private G 11th Side
Woods, Rick Private K 13th Reserves Arm
Woolworth, R. H. Major 3d Reserves Thigh Slight
Yahre, John M. Private E 63d Sick
Yeckert, John Private L 5th Cavalry Arm
Young, Henry Private H 11th Leg
Youse, Geo. Private K 98th Arm






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