Cavalry Prisoners
Paroled at Carlisle, Pa.
June 30, 1863

Hd, Qrs.
Carlisle, Pa.
June 30, 1863

The following named prisoners of Capt. Frank A. Murray's [independent] company of Pennsylvania Militia, organized under the call of Governor Curtin, and taken prisoners of war at the Stone Tavern, Cumberland County, and at Mechanicsburg, Pa., are hereby permitted to go to their homes upon their paroles of honor not to serve in the United States Army, or in any other Military organization under the State or United States government until regularly exchanged:

        Private Jacob Steiner
        Private John [F.] Bates
        Private James Irwin
        Private Lewis Speight {sic.)*
        Private James McCartney
        Private Jacob Tieg
        All members of Capt. Frank A. Murray's Co. A, Pa. Militia**

        The above-named Company was also known as "The Curtain Guard" and is a cavalry company.

By command of:
Lieut. Gen. R. S. Ewell

D. M'Caster, Col. and Provost Marshal General
2nd Corps
Confederate States of America

*The Bates' History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers indicates his last name is: Speak.

**An Independent Cavalry Company of the Pa. Militia of 1863






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