Paroled Prisoners
forwarded to Louisville, Ky.
July 15, 1863

Source: National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107

Sergeant Forbes assumes command of the detachment, July 15, 1863.





Baker, Clark S. Private 18th  
Boyer, Henry F. Private 21st  
Brown, William Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Burke, John Private 4th Reserves  
Davisson, William Private 21st  
Donald, Joseph Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Ecard, John Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Ecard, S. Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Evans, John Private 13th Cavalry Furloughed
Funst/Furst, William Private 63d  
Gheer, William Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Grady, John Private 102d  
Hatton, John Private 11th  
Henry, Samuel S. Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Kennedy, James Private 107th  
Knight, F. H. Private 107th  
Mendanwood, John M. Private 18th  
Mialan, Enoch M. Private 1st Cavalry  
Michael, John Private 1st Reserves  
Monroe, Samuel Private 20th  
Parker, E. M. Private 18th  
Phillips, Adam Private 16th Cavalry  
Potter, K. B. Private 51st  
Smith, John F. Private 11th  
Smith, M. Private 11th  
Stevens, Dennis Private 21st M. (Militia?)  
Thorr, J. J. M. Private 21st  
Tihymn, Patrick Private 11th  
Wheeler, Francis Private 140th  






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