Wounded at Salem Church
May 1863

Source: National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107
The following is a complete an expose of names and injuries of the wounded in Salem Church and vicinity after the late battles of May 3d and 4th as could be obtained under the circumstances. Many cases it will be seen appear without the nature of injury being attached & the majority of these had been attended to by Confederate Surgeons and sent directly on from this hospital. Surgeon Todd of Confederate Service attended two cases of slight injury whose names were not obtained; they were sent on with the other wounded.

Very respectully
Your obednt Servant,
Wm F. Worthington of 93d Reg't. Pennsylvania Volunteers
Surgeon in charge of Salem Church Hospital





Nature of Wounds



Adams, Robert Private E 95th In right side   
Aurandt, Jas. H. Private B 125th In breast   Severe
Black, John Private D 9th In right arm   Amputated upper third
Bowles, John Asst. Surgeon I 96th Buttocks & ankle   Severe
Campbell, Felix Private G 95th Shot in lungs   
Clauder, Chas. Private C 119th In left arm   Slight
Drew, Wm. H. Private C 95th In left thigh   Flesh Wound
Fuller, Anson R. Private G 141st In left hip   Severe
Haldeman, Jos. F. Private H 96th Left leg   Shell wound
Hegeley, John H. Private A 96th Wounded left thigh   Slight
Jones, Lewis Private G 141st In left groin   Severe
Kleuch, Nich. Private K 95th In face   Slight
Mackey, Michael Private P 96th In back and shoulders   
McAnally, Edw. A. Private H 95th In thigh and arm   
McBride, Daniel Private D 119th    
McDade, Thos. Private F 28th In back and shoulders   Slight
Nelson, Robert Private B 119th In left hip   
Newton, Chas. Private D 95th In arm, head and leg May 11, 1863  
Purcell, Thos. Private F 96th wounded left hip   
Reed, Jacob N. Private F 84th In right ankle   Severe
Righton, Daniel Private H 119th    
Roberts, Franklin P. Private   95th Right Thigh   
Rowan, C. G. Corporal F 119th In leg, shoulder & hand   
Selah, Theodore Private E 95th Comp. Fracture femur   Amputated Middle
Shank, Jos. Sergeant F 93d Died before treatment   
Shaw, Wm. J. Private H 95th In head and legs   
Smith, Peter Private E 96th    
Sommers, Joseph Private F 84th In breast   
Summers, Joseph Private F 84th    
Totheroth, Chas. W. Private B 93d Center of back near spine; paralysis   
Wagner, Jos. Sergeant G 119th Fractured elbow   
Walls, Frank Private D 112th In left hip   






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