Federal Deserters/Prisoners of War
from Pennsylvania
Delivered on Parole at
City Point, Va., July 19, 1862

Source: National Archives Record Group No. 249, Entry 107




Allen, Thos. 55th  
Barasy, J. 97th K
Barnes, John 97th K
Beck, John 18th H
Black, John 4th H
Bradshaw, Thos. 97th H
Browing, Andrew 118th I
Brown, Chas 97th K
Brown, James 118th D
Brubaker, Jos. 67th B
Connell, Thos. 3d B
Cox, Stephen 149th D
Crammer, John 3d B
Davis, Wm. 97th E
Donally, John 97th H
Doneley, John 97th H
Donley, John 23d B
Ford, Wm. 97th B
Fort, Peter 11th C
Gage, J. J. 148th  
Gardner, John 23d  
Gardner, John 53d C
Gaugh, John 46th  
Hamilton, D. B. 11th A
Hammonds, Jos. 118th  
Hansley, James 97th H
Harris, H. 53d C
Heolt, Wm. 55th D
Horns, John 6th Cavalry M
Howard, J. 83d D
Hughes, Wm. 53d E
Inglesby, F. 55th D
Inick, George 26th C
Irist, Pat. 121st E
Juice, Jas. W. 90th K
Katon, P. 55th C
Kennyon, M. 55th D
Kirshaw, John 55th I
Lindun, John 55th F
McCoy, Robt. 53d I
McGuire, Thos. 90th K
Meyers, John 97th K
Missner, J. B. 97th B
Moose, John 5th C
Myers, Wm. 12th C
Oneall, John 11th B
Parker, Jacob 118th I
Riddle, A. 143d  
Riley, J. 53d C
Riley, Thos. 90th  
Sanveilt, John 97th K
Shebby, Chas. 55th F
Shields, M. 55th K
Shipley, Wm. 97th K
Smith, Fred. 62d A
Smith, Wm. 55th D
Stratton, O. 11th K
Sullivan, John 90th  
Thompson, K. 55th C
Tilley, John 90th  
Turney, James 97th E
Walsh, Peter 97th E
West, Wm. 90th  
Williams, John 83d A
Williams, W. C. 83d E
Wintor, Geo, 61st D






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