Pennsylvania in the Civil War

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Civil War Veterans' Card File,
1861-1866 Indexes

From the Pennsylvania Digital State Archives (ARIAS)


The Civil War Veterans' Card File, 1861-1866 Indexes are made up of 3" x 5" cards, initially prepared to serve as an index to Samuel P. Bates'History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865. (Harrisburg, 1869-1871). The Office of the Adjutant General later expanded the scope of the cards by transcribing onto them data found on the original Civil War Muster Rolls and Related Records, 1861-1866 {series #19.11}.

The information generally includes:

  • Soldier name
  • Military units
  • Bates' citation (volume and page)
  • Age at enrollment
  • Description (complexion, height, color of hair and eyes)
  • Residence and birthplace
  • Date and place where enrolled
  • Date and place where mustered in
  • Date of discharge.
The listing is not inclusive.







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