The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company H



John Landsrath Captain
John M. Sell 1st Lieutenant
W. W. Gould 2d Lieutenant
H. C. Maxwell 1st Sergeant
Charles S. Carroll 1st Sergeant
Pierce Hanrahan 2d Sergeant
Wesley Smith 3d Sergeant
Charles Horstmann 4th Sergeant
Eri Black 1st Corporal
I. W. Godard 2d Corporal
H. P. Root 3d Corporal
Simeon Putnam 4th Corporal
John Blanc Musician
Charles F. Mehl Musician
Baker, Myron Private
Black, John D. Private
Bossett, John Private
Brooks, George Private
Capple, Charles G. Private
Carroll, M. William Private
Clark, E. A. Private
Coventry, Henry L. Private
Covirt, Alvin A. Private
Crouch, A. Private
Cumming, N. P. Private
Davids, Andrew Private
De Wolf, Elbert Private
Dibble, John Private
Dick, Henry Private
Dick, Levi Private
Dillon, William Private
Dow, C. A. Private
Downey, Edward Private
Edson, A. B. Private
Finn, John Private
Gerrard, G. W. Private
Gibbs, Samuel E. Private
Gillett, A. Private
Hamilton, H. Private
Hanraban, Pierce Private
Hastings, James Private
Hawkins, Jacob Private
House, William F. Private
Huffman, James W. Private
Hutchins, Joseph Private
Jones, Samuel Private
Kinnear, Orlando S. Private
Lee, E. M. Private
M'Guire, Patrick Private
Murray, P. W. Private
Needham, John Private
Nickerson, Allen Private
Northrop, Hiram Private
Rafferty, Patrick O. Private
Riley, John Private
Ritchie, William Private
Rodgers, David Private
Ross, William Private
Rush, Louis Private
Sacket, Mark Private
Scovill, B. P. Private
Sexton, John Private
Shay, John Private
Stafford, Martin V. Private
Stafford, O. W. Private
Stewart, James Private
Stilson, Sylvanus Private
Sweet, John H. Private
Tanner, J. L. Private
Tarnon, John Private
Temple, E. L. Private
Thomson, F. Private
Todd, M. H. Private
Tyler, M. L. Private
Warney, C. P. Private
Webster, A. D. Private
Weed, Silas S. Private
Wheeler, B. E. Private
Wood, A. H. Private
Wood, H. P. Private
Woodworth, George Private
Wright, Henry Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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