The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company G



D. W. Hutchinson Captain
J. Godfrey 1st Lieutenant
C. A. Pettibone 2d Lieutenant
J. E. Pettibone 2d Lieutenant
C. L. Randall 1st Sergeant
William Hopkins 2d Sergeant
William T. Ward 3d Sergeant
J. C. Rockwell 4th Sergeant
A. J. M'Kee 1st Corporal
M. N. Cutler 2d Corporal
A. D. Hillman 3d Corporal
M. H. Gould 4th Corporal
V. Renner Musician
William Rambo Musician
Barber, C. F Private
Barlow, W. Private
Bender, Peter Private
Bennett, M. S. Private
Billings, C. L. Private
Billings, O. D. Private
Bird, A. H. Private
Brott, P. A. Private
Brown, H. Private
Calder, Robert Private
Calkins, S. Private
Campbell, E. N. Private
Coon, J. H. Private
Custard, H. B. Private
Deyo, N. Private
Edy, B. F. Private
Eger, Reinhart Private
Evans, J. D. Private
Ferguson, J. P. Private
Fogg, J. C. Private
Gerber, J. Private
Giddings, S. F. Private
Gill, E. F. Private
Godfrey, L. A. Private
Godfrey, M. L. Private
Godfrey, O. M. Private
Godfrey, V. R. Private
Gould, W. P. Private
Hall, A. B. Private
Hall, A. Private
Harris, S. A. Private
Hartshorn, O. Private
Holden, D. Private
Keley, S. Private
Kellogg, L. Private
Kimmel, G. Private
Lamfear, R. C. Private
M'Clure, Daniel Private
Miller, S. R. Private
Norton, Wilcox Private
Oakley, E. F. Private
Oliphant, M. Private
Osborn, H. A. Private
Peters, N. Private
Phillips, J. H. Private
Platt, William H. Private
Pond, H. E. Private
Richey, W. F. Private
Roberts, G. Private
Robinson. L. T. Private
Shepard, J. Private
Sherman, J. W. Private
Simmons, C. S. Private
Smith, J. Private
Sneer, H. Private
Squier, E. A. Private
Stearns, M. A. Private
Sweet, B F. Private
Teller, A. M. Private
Teller, J. C Private
Thompson, T. C. Private
Van Camp, A. W. Private
Van Camp, J. Private
Waidley, N. Private
Ward, J. P. Private
Ware, P. Private
Wheaton, I. Private
Wheeler, S. A Private
Wheeler, T. Private
Wicks, Oscar Private
Williams, C. Private
Williams, H. Private
Williams, W. H. Private
Wolverton, A. J. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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