The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company F



Charles B. Morgan Captain
James Farrell 1st Lieutenant
David P. Sigler 2d Lieutenant
Franklin Parks 1st Sergeant
Murray Nash 2d Sergeant
Loren Benton 3d Sergeant
William Wilhelm 4th Sergeant
Absalom M. M'Cray 1st Corporal
Marshall H. Metler 2d Corporal
George A. Quillin 3d Corporal
David W. Winings 4th Corporal
Alderman, Alviras Private
Allen, William J. Private
Andrews, Samuel J. Private
Balch, Elon G Private
Beardsley, Edmund S Private
Bentley, John D. Private
Bishop, Alfred Private
Blanchard, De Witt C. Private
Blank, Albert Private
Blank, Aurelius Private
Blood, Fayette. Private
Bradley, Adam Private
Burrows, William T. Private
Cope, Frederick R. Private
Cross, Alonzo W. Private
Crowell, Almeron G. Private
Evans, Charles H. Private
Farrand, Godfrey S. Private
Foster, Elias B Private
Foster, Joseph Private
Gray, John N. Private
Greene, Eliphalet S. Private
Gruaz, Frank Private
Hammond, William O. Private
Hatch, Adrian F. Private
Hill, Dempster Private
Hoop, Alfred T. Private
Hotchkiss, David B. Private
Hughey, John Private
Isham, Anson G. Private
Jones, David P. Private
Joselyn, Reuben S. Private
Lilley, William D. Private
Mack, John Private
Mansfield, Stephen H. P. Private
Marsh, Abel L. Private
Mathews, Morris E. Private
Maxwell, Henry C. Private
M'Clintock, James R. Private
M'Cray, Horace Private
M'Cray, Thomas B. Private
M'Cray, Wilson C. Private
M'Farland, James F. Private
Moore, Frederick F. Private
Morey, Nathan Private
Morris, James Private
M'Quillen, Russell J. Private
Picket, Manhattando Private
Pond, William M Private
Prescott, Edwin Private
Ralph, Harrison. Private
Reynolds, Charles S. Private
Rhodes, Andrew J. Private
Richardson, Selra Private
Riehl, Louis Private
Robinson, George W. Private
Roe, Fletcher Private
Ross, Julien F. Private
Shorts, Jefferson Private
Smith, William Private
Stackpole, Henry H. Private
Steele, William Private
Stewart, Archibald. Private
Story, Romulus A. Private
Triscuit, Jefferson Private
Valentine, Henry S Private
Wellman, William Private
Williston, Edward B. Private
Wilson, James K. Private
Woods, Henry G. Private
Yeager, George Private
Yeager, John Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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