The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company E



J. A. Austin Captain
A. M. Judson 1st Lieutenant
J. W. M'Kay 2d Lieutenant
T. P. Babcock 1st Sergeant
Elisha Bradish 2d Sergeant
Gardner Dean 3d Sergeant
J. W. King 4th Sergeant
F. J. Benson 1st Corporal
Willard Stanclif 2d Corporal
Reuben Sharpe 3d Corporal
W. 0. Colt 4th Corporal
C. R. H. Lynn Musician
Hiram Hyde Musician
Banker, John W. Private
Barnett, J. H. Private
Barnott, A. Private
Baxter, C. J. Private
Borland, Joseph R. Private
Boyd, C B. Private
Bradbury, William M. Private
Briggs, John F. Private
Brink, A. M. Private
Brown, Henry Private
Chapin, B. W. Private
Chase, Abner Private
Colt, W. S. Private
Comer, Chester M. Private
Coyle, C. D. Private
Cross, J. H. Private
Cummings, Edward C. Private
Donnel, R. Private
Dyke, L J. Private
Ellis, M. E. Private
Fenton, Samuel L. Private
Gardener, H. M. Private
Gillam, D. B. Private
Gleason, Albert Private
Grant, W. H. Private
Gross, Lafayette Private
Hawkins, V. Private
Hazelton, G. W. Private
Higgins, William Private
Himrod, William Private
Hurd, Charles Private
Johnson, D. C. Private
Kerr, E. S. Private
Kerr, F. M. Private
Lippitt, W. E. Private
Lowry, A. P. Private
Lytle, George Private
Mahan, David B. Private
Mee, William Private
Mitchell, Wallace Private
M'Kinley, J. C. Private
Moore, Ralph Private
Mulvin, D. S. Private
M'Williams, J. L. Private
Olson, Peter Private
Preston, Daniel V. Private
Preston, E. L. Private
Riblet, D. M. Private
Riblet, T. C. Private
Robertson, R. A. Private
Scott, Willis Private
Sedgwick, Eugene Private
Seidler, F. Private
Sherman, Charles Private
Sherra, James Private
Skinner, S. J. Private
Smith, J. H. Private
Smith, J. N. Private
Smith, Nelson B Private
Smith, R. R. Private
Squier, J. I. Private
Stafford, A. W. Private
Thomas, Charles Private
Trask, F. J. Private
Warner, S. Private
Waterhouse, George J. Private
Way, M. 0. Private
Whittlesey, H. R. Private
Willard, Daniel Private
Wilson, Robert J. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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