The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company C



John Graham Captain
David B. M'Creary 1st Lieutenant
A. E. Yale 1st Lieutenant
C. P. Rogers 2d Lieutenant
B. J. Goff 1st Sergeant
T. H. Bates 2d Sergeant
D. Proudfit 3d Sergeant
R. W. Duggan 4th Sergeant
John Hickey 5th Sergeant
J. W. Duggan 1st Corporal
E. E. Proud 2d Corporal
J. A. Lewis 3d Corporal
J. W. Vannatta 4th Corporal
Charles Banschard Musician
B. W. Dickinson Musician
Allen, Benjamin Private
Aubry, H. W. Private
Bly, William H. Private
Boyd, Andrew Private
Burchfield, S. M. Private
Clark, A. J. Private
Claycomb, H. D. Private
Cole, G. H. Private
Cook, A. Private
Corrigan, A. Private
Corrigan, John Private
Culbertson, Edwin G. Private
Culbertson, Sylvester Private
Dighton, William Private
Doing, F. Private
Donnell, William Private
Edick, Abel Private
Ethridge, K. Private
Forster, Thomas H. Private
Fry, S. H. Private
German, M. Private
Gillllen, T. Private
Glenn, J. W. Private
Grimler, J.G. Private
Grove, G. Private
Haner, Jacob Private
Hansom, O. W. Private
Hart, C. Private
Henderson H. Private
Hoffman, J. Private
Hoyt, Edward J. Private
Jackson, D. Private
Jackson, W. H. Private
Kintzle, Michael Private
Laughery, William Private
Lenihan, E. G. Private
Lewis, D. B. Private
M'Cord, G. Private
M'Gahen, Ransom Private
M'Gill, A. M. Private
M'Gill, James Private
M'Laughlin, James Private
Nesbitt, A. Private
Nesbitt, F. Private
Nesbitt, William Private
Northrup, S. W Private
Orr, H. C. Private
Osburn, James Private
Parshall, William Private
Perry H. Private
Perry, J. R. Private
Pifer, William Private
Proudfit, R. H. Private
Rice, R. J. Private
Rittenhouse, Frank H. Private
Robinson, E. Private
Ruoff, F. Private
Shane, A. W. Private
Smith, C.N. Private
Snyder, C. Private
Stafford, Erastus Private
Thorn, Augustus Private
Vandorn, S. J. Private
White, Zeno Private
Wood, A. N. Private
Woodward, O. S. Private
Yaple, George Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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