The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company B



Hiram L. Brown Captain
David B. M'Creary 1st Lieutenant
James F. Wittich 1st Lieutenant
John M. Clark 2d Lieutenant
Joseph Deschryver 1st Sergeant
James M. Hunter 2d Sergeant
David F. Snell 3d Sergeant
William M'Allister 4th Sergeant
Otis N. Gray 5th Sergeant
George C. Bennett 1st Corporal
Henry E. Mayer 2d Corporal
Richard Butterfield 3d Corporal
J. Thomas 4th Corporal
Charles F. Miller Musician
Ernst Urbann Musician
Banyard, Walter Private
Brown, R.M. Private
Burnett, Charles H. Private
Caldwell, M. A. Private
Caughey, Robert C. Private
Chester, Walter M. Private
Clark, George R Private
Conkey, Albert Private
Constable, John, Jr. Private
Cotter, M. L. Private
Crook, James Private
Cummings, A. R. Private
Curtis, Adam. Private
Derby, William W. Private
Dippo, Conrad Private
Dippo, Henry Private
Elliott, T. J. Private
Fellows, William H. Private
Glover, B. F. M. Private
Harrison, A. D. Private
Henry, John Private
Hill, Thomas J. Private
Hilton, William Private
Honeker, P. B. Private
Hubbard, William. Private
Hunter, C. J. Private
Kelsy, E. M. Private
Kennedy, Robert. Private
Kuchler, John. Private
Lewis, William Private
Liddell, H. C. Private
Link, F. S. Private
Lull, I. K Private
Lyon, W. . Private
Magill, Thomas. Private
M'Clelland, Robert. Private
Mehaffey, Robert R Private
M'Guire, T. B. Private
Miller, Charles W. Private
Moore, George W Private
Mott, William Private
Price, John Private
Reed, George Private
Rees, Thomas H. Private
Reinger, John Private
Roberts, S, A Private
Ross, James D. Private
Russell, E. L Private
Rutherford, Jesse. Private
Sampson, E. W Private
Simons, M. J. Private
Skinner, W. H Private
Smith, George W. Private
Spafford, C. J. Private
Sprague, Horace B. Private
Teel, John C., Jr Private
Van Sicklin, James A. Private
Van Sicklin, John Private
Warner, Wallace B Private
Wentworth, Watson R. Private
White, P. A. Private
Wilson, Thomas. Private
Wittich, F. C. Private
Wittich, William J. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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