The Erie Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company A



T. M. Austin Captain
A. M'D. Lyon 1st Lieutenant 
Strong Vincent 2d Lieutenant 
William E. Bates 2d Lieutenant
Sydney Booth 1st Sergeant
 James Tuohy 1st Sergeant
E. D. Hulbert 1st Sergeant
William B. Murray 2d Sergeant
G C. Marvin 3d Sergeant
D. B. Derby 4th Sergeant
W. E. Haldeman 1st Corporal
E. C. Sterrett 2d  Corporal
M. K. Sturgeon, 3d  Corporal
John Hechtman 4th  Corporal
John E. Eisentraut Musician
Allen, Charles Private
Aubry, H. C. Private
Austin, H. Private
Bagley, J. C. Private
Ball, J. D. Private
Ball, L. W. Private
Bates, C. S. Private
Blethen, A. Private
Bulson, H. R. Private
Cobb, E. Private
Cobb, W. C. Private
Connell, E. Private
Cooper, John Private
Eung, Jacob Private
Fitch, T. Private
Fleming, Andrew Private
French, G. W. Private
Fuller, Charles Private
Gifford, M. V. Private
Haldeman, W. E. Private
Haldeman, W. F Private
Hamlin, James H Private
Heintz, F. Private
Hill, M. A. Private
Hirt, H Private
Holman Private
Jackson, H. B. Private
Jacobs, George Private
Jarvis, S. W. Private
Johnson, A. J. Private
Jones, J. W. Private
Keeton, W. B. Private
Kent, Daniel Private
Kues, W. Private
Ladoo, George Private
Lehman, G. Private
Lewis, C. P. Private
Lozier, L. Private
Mason, B. Private
Mizen, Henry Private
Mizen, J. A. Private
Morgan, J. F. Private
Munson, H. J. Private
Oakley, J. Private
Osborn, J. J Private
Owens, J. C. Private
Pearce, A. S. Private
Peck, E. Private
Schafer, Charles Private
Scott, C. G Private
Scribner, F Private
Sewell, N Private
Shadduck, Asa Private
Simmons, Daniel Private
Snyder, Jacob. Private
Squires, C. Private
Sterrett, E C. Private
Terrel, N. L. Private
Van Reuth, Floris. Private
Vincent, R Private
Wade, Sylvanus Private
Welch, F. B. Private
Wellington, E. R. Private
White, L. M. Private
Wright, H. Private
Young, H Private
Young, Joseph Private
Young, William. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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