84th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

The Dead of the 84th

Source:  The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, Pennsylvania,May 7, 1862 

Transcribed by ShirleyPierce

Official dispatch sent to theGovernor.

The following is a list of names,residences and places of burial of the members of the 84th Regiment,Pennsylvania Volunteers who fell in the engagement near Winchester, Va., on the 30thof March 1862.



Colonel Wm G. Murray Hollidaysburg
Captain Patrick Gallaher   Williamsburg
Lt. Charles Reem Frankstown

Company A

Job Miller Hollidaysburg
Paul McLang   Hollidaysburg
John Gilmore Hollidaysburg

Company B

Reuben Killian Shicks-----,Luzerne County

Company C

George Kuch  Franktown, Blair County
Aaron Wright Franktown, Blair County
James Myers Martinsburg, Blair County

Company D

Wm R. Fowler  Espytown, ColumbiaCounty

Company E

Emanuel Brubaker  Allegheny Township,Blair County
Jeremiah Gates   Fallen Timber,Blair County
John Kelley Springfield Mine Bank, BlairCounty
Thomas Hancuff    Yellow Springs, BlairCounty

 Company F

Simon Kresher  Muncy, LycomingCounty

 Company G

Joseph M�Claran Philipsburg,Clearfield County
Robert Johnson  Born in Ireland; hasno relatives in United States

Company K

Jas C. Graham  Clearfield,Clearfield County
Jacob Wainwright  Woodward Township,Clearfield County
Daniel G. Smith   Bald Hill,Clearfield County


All of the above were buriedtogether in the cemetery at Winchester, Va., with the exception of Col. W. G. Murrayand Caption Gallaher who were buried at Hollidaysburg, Pa.� The graves are designated by head boards onwhich are marked the initials of the deceased.

Thomas C. MacDowell
R. P. V.






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