84th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers


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7 Nov 2008

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Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Estep, Henry - CWRTColl (Enlisted men's obituaries, Aug 30, 1862-Jul 7, 1865)

Fisk, James L. - HoughtonPapers (Enlisted man's letters, Feb 23, 1862-Apr 27, 1865)

Fribley, Charles W. - CWMiscColl (First sergeant and officer's diaries, Jan 1, 1858-Dec 31, 1861; Jan 1, 1863-Feb 15, 1864)

Frick, Alexander J. - HackenburgColl (Officer's obituary, 1915)

Goldsborough, Thomas - PaSaveFlagColl (Sergeant and officer's letters and papers, 1861-Dec 4, 1863)

Johnston, Uriah S. - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's letter, Sep 24, 1862; soldier's scrapbook)

Wilson Family - HCWRTColl






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