63d Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

History of Company G

"Morgan Guards"

Company G was organized in Venango, Armstrong and Indiana Counties. The Venango County squad of forty-six was composed of the following, the first three to be the commissioned officers of the company in the order named:

George C. McClelland, Hugh Hunter, S. Hays Cochran, Wales D. Ashton, Milton J. Adams, John C. Brookbank, Samuel D. Barnett, Chauncey G. Cooper, William Cooper, David W. Coursin, Christian Diem, Samuel C. Dewoody, Asa O. Douglass, James D. Douglass, Robert H. Daily, Charles France, William H. Green, Curtis C. Griffin, Daniel M. Gardner, James S. Gates, Aaron W. Gilmore, Robert Houston, Frank H. Johnston, Alfred B. Lupher, Robert C. Law, James Lindsay, John T. M'Coy, Robert B. M'Coy, Thomas Martin, Charles Moore, Cyrus J. Moore, David E. Mitchell, William Magee, Clark Neer, William B. Peiffer, Ithmar Porter, Samuel C. Rhodes, Simon Shall, John Stittz, Edison E. Sheppard, George W. Taylor, Solomon Vensel, James S. Williams, Edward Wachschmidt, George Wolfkill, William S. Whittman.

On the 14th of August, 1861, they embarked on a flat boat at Franklin and floated down the Allegheny River to Camp Wilkins, Pittsburgh, where they remained until August 25th, when they were mustered into the service of the United States by H. O. Ormsby. The Armstrong County contingent was represented by forty-seven men, as follows.

Simon Blystone, Peter Boyer, Robert M. Brown, John R. Cox, James N. Coulter, John Cessna, William L. Calhoun, J. H. Fulton, William Frailey, William J. Graham, Jacob Gardner, Henry R. Gress, David R. George, Joseph Gardner, John Henderson, Ralston Hoover, William C. Hoover, James M. Johnston, John F. Jones, John Kelly, Hugh M'Connell, Jacob Miller, Thomas H. Martin, Robert W. Martin, David C. Martin, Issac Moorhead, John Pickle, Loben Russell, Matthew A. Rankin, Joseph P. Rankin, John G. Robinson, William H. H. Sloan, Jacob Sadler, John A. Seil, David Shirey, Andrew J. Smeltzer, John St. Clair, Thomas Smith, Adam F. Smith, Simon Steffey, Benjamin H. Smith, William M. Smith, John M. Thomas, A. H. G. Wilhelm, A. W. Wilhelm.

Other men from various locations were: Charles W. M'Henry, W. R. Nicholson, George A. Cook, John Hassinger, Philip O'Sullivan

Of the ninety-seven original members, the following eighteen were killed in action:

S. Hays Cochran, Issac Moorhead, Matthew A. Rankin, Thomas L. Martin, Simon Blystone, David W. Coursin, Christian Diem, Charles France, William Frailey, David R. George, Jacob Gardner, John Kelly, Cyrus J. Moore, Robert B. M'Coy, Hugh M'Connell, Clark Near.

Four died of wounds: Goerge A. Cook, William J. Graham, Henry B. Gress, A. W. Wilhelm.

Seven died of disease: James N. Coulter, Ralston Hoover, John Hassinger, Philip Hassinger, Jacob Miller, Andrew J. Smeltzer, Robert W. Martin.

Four were taken prisoners; two were transferred adn three deserted; twenty-six were discharged on account of disability or for other causes; fourteen absent and twelve present at muster-out, leaving four prisoners to be mustered out. Four remained on account of re-enlistment, and one was absent without leave.

There were forty-two recruits or drafted men joined the company at later dates, as follows:

Peter Amsburger, George Blystone, William Blystone, John Bleakney, Jesse Cole, Robert Davidson, R. A. Fulton, Thomas S. Frue, Benjamin W. Hill, Andrew Henderson, Cornelius Hoffman, Josiah M. Hays, Samuel B. Hays, Samuel S. Jack, Wilder Jackson, Henry Klugh, William R. Keppel, Sylvis Leasure, George W. Martin, Andrew J. Moore, Samuel G. Moorhead, Samuel Mulberger, James Markel, James S. Myers, Noah W. Porter, Isaac L. Rearick, Robert Rager, John Q. Ritchey, Joseph Hudler, Alexander Rupert, William C. Smith, George Schick, Harrison Stopp, Martin Schermerhorn, Wilson M. Stills, David F. Sheets, Samuel Sharp, John Salada, William Thomas, David J. Thomas, Hampton Thomas, Charles Warner.

Of the recruits an drafted men, three were killed, one died of wounds, two died of disease, four were discharged, one transferred to western department, one deserted, one absent sick, twelve absent wounded, but nine being present at muster out, one of whom was detailed as division teamster.

Jacob Gardner, shot on out-post, near Pohick Church, November 7, 1861, was the first man killed in the regiment.

Total Enlistment 140
Killed in Action   21
Died of Wounds     5
Died of Disease   11
Discharged for Disability   30
Transferred   36
Deserted     4
Mustered Out at Expiration of Term   33

Source:   Gilbert Adams Hays, Captain. Under the Red Patch: Story of the Sixty-third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1864. Published by the 63d Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment Association. Pittsburg: Market Review Publishing Company, 1908.






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