55th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Casualties incurredon Edisto Island, South Carolina

Source:  The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, Pennsylvania,May 7, 1862 

Transcribed by ShirleyPierce

From the Harrisburg Telegraph:

Skirmish on Edisto Island, South Carolina in which thegallant 55th Regiment, commanded by Colonel Richard White. Composed almost entirely of Indiana, Cambria and Bedford county men, wereengaged.  

The following is the list of casualities to wit:  

KilledWm.Cunningham,  Company F  

WoundedJohn Steffe, Company F, and prisoner  


Company F:  Lieut M�Illheny,Corporal Samuel Moorehead, PrivatesAbram Coy, RobertH. Kritzer,  Samuel Campbell,Nicholas Cameron, John L. Taylor, AndrewFaren, Noah Fisher, & L. L. Thompson.

Company K:  John Saupp andJonas Ritchey

Company H:  Sergeant Silas Gollipher,  Walter E.Garlinger,Isaac Ream, Whitaker, John Mars, Thomas Lockard, and John Warning.  

Twenty one prisoners and one killed.  

We are well acquainted with Messrs. Saupp (who has sincebeen found dead), Gollipher, Garlinger, Richey and Ream, all Bedford County men. They were noble young men, and we are sorry to hear of their sad fate.







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