28th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers


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Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Chapman, Lansford - PaSaveFlagsColl (Officer's summary of service, 1861-1865)

Erwin, Robert M. - LuvaasColl (Enlisted man's transcribed letters, Jul 20, 1861-Nov 13, 1862)

Hughes, P. J. - WineyColl (Enlisted man's letter, Oct 17, 1861)

Law Family - CWMiscColl (Enlisted men's transcribed letters, Aug 1862-Apr 1865; officer's letters, Dec 1, 1861-Oct 4, 1862)

Moore, A. Addison - PaSaveFlagsColl-MooreFamily (Officer's letters, Nov 26, 1861-Apr 14, 1864)

Moore, James A. - PaSaveFlagsColl-MooreFamily (Sergeant's letters, Dec 28, 1861-Jul 24, 1864)

Pardee, Ariovistus Sr. - Pardee-RobisonColl (Enlisted man's letters, Jun 4, 1861-Aug 12, 1863)

Pardee, Ariovistus Jr. - Pardee-RobisonColl (General officer's letters, Jul 9, 1861-Oct 5, 1862)

Pardee, Calvin - Pardee-RobisonColl (Enlisted man's letters, Oct 25, 1861-Sep 1862)

Pennsylvania 28th Infantry Regimental Papers - BrakeColl (Drummer boy's experiences, Jul 1-3, 1863)

Pennsylvania 28th Infantry Regimental Papers - CWMiscColl (Company B muster rolls, Feb 28-Apr 30, 1862, Jun 30-Aug 31, 1863)

Pennsylvania 28th Infantry Regimental Reunion Papers - HCWRTColl-FlinchbaughColl (Reunion letter & roster of names, Jul 2, 1907)

Robison, Isiah - Pardee-RobisonColl (Enlisted man's letters, Jun 20, 1861-Apr 1864)

Smith, Levi L. - AlexChamberlinColl (Enlisted man's diary and papers, Jun 17, 1861-Dec 31, 1862)

Stewart, James P. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's letters, Jun 28, 1861-Jul 6, 1863)






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