25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company K

Recruited at Carbondale, Luzerne County

Mustered in April 26, 1861




Alfred Dart, Captain Captain
Alfred Dart, Jr. 1st Lieutenant
Jacob B. Floyd 2d Lieutenant
Warren F. Smirell 1st Sergeant
Sedgwick R. Ketcham 2d Sergeant
Charles A. Hathaway 3d Sergeant
Charles E. Britton 4th Sergeant
Enos Snyder 1st Corporal
Milton W. Snyder 2d Corporal
William Hampton 3d Corporal
William Cole 4th Corporal
Henry Brown Musician
Frederick Berge Musician
Berigin, Patrick Private
Brainard, Samuel Private
Brown, Hamilton Private
Buchanan, George Private
Burdick, Almon M. Private
Burge, Frederick Private
Burns, Owen Private
Casey, Justus Private
Campbell, Robert Private
Charles, Thomas Private
Cole, Nathan Private
Dilts, Elisha Private
Duffee, James Private
Engle, Almo L. Private
Farrell, Joseph Private
Farris, John Private
Farroll, Philip Private
Flanagan, James Private
Glenan, Patrick Private
Grattan, James Private
Handson, Martin Private
Hartsall, William Private
Hipple, James Private
Horn, Levi B. Private
Jenkins, Robert Private
Kelly, James Private
Knowle, John Private
Lane, John Private
Lasky, James Private
Loftis, Henry Private
M'Cann, Patrick Private
Mehl, Charles Private
Montgomery, William Ado. Private
M'Stran, Robert Private
Murphy, Martin Private
Narry, John Private
Nicholas, John Private
Oclonole, Anthony Private
Payne, Irwin C. Private
Philbin, Patrick Private
Phillips, George Private
Quinn, John Private
Scull, Reese Private
Shannon, Franklin Wdo. Private
Shields, James Private
Skilton, James R Private
Smith, Oscar C Private
Smith, Thomas Private
Snyder, Adam Private
Stone, George Private
Thacher, Edward Private
Thompson, David Private
Ulrico, Thomas Private
Vail, David Private
Vail, Wilmot Private
Walker, John Private
Welbezy, James Edo. Private
Wells, Henry Private
Welsh, William Private
Whiting, George Private
Williams, Reese Private
Yarns, James Private
Yarns, William Private

Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.






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