25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company I

Recruited at Doylestown, Bucks County

Mustered in April 28, 1861




William W. H. Davis Captain
Jacob Swartzlander 1st Lieutenant
George T. Harvey 2d Lieutenant
James Reed Orum 1st Sergeant
Moses Kulp 2d Sergeant
Edward L. Rodgers 3d Sergeant
William Stavely, Jr. 4th Sergeant
William W. Marple 1st Corporal
Theophilus Kephart 2d Corporal
Julius Kuster 3d Corporal
William H. Anglemyer 4th Corporal
William K. Shearer Musician
Andress, Lazarus C. Private
Beal, Eleazer Private
Berkelback, William Private
Brunner, Thomas, Jr. Private
Carver, James M. Private
Clemens, Jacob Private
Clossen, John W. Private
Coar, Francis Private
Croasdale, Samuel Private
Crouthamel, Emanuel K. Private
Darling, Edwin Private
Dyer, Cephas W. Private
Emery, George W. Private
Everhart, George A Private
Firman, David Private
Follis, William Private
Frankinfield, Charles Private
Frankinfield, Christian K. Private
Frankinfield, Lawrence Private
Fretz, Edwin Private
Fries, Jacob Private
Fussman, Samuel C. Private
Garren, Samuel N. Gensel, Ira F. Private
Glase, Jacob W. Private
Green, H. Augustus Private
Haney, Henry W. Private
Haney, William P. Hargrave, Henry Private
Hart, George Hart, Samuel, Jr. Private
Hart, Thomas Private
Harvey, Joseph II. Private
Hendric, James D. Private
Hinkle, Philip Hoffman, Charles W. Private
Hofford, Eli Private
Hogeland, John S. Private
Hough, John S. Private
Jenks, Michael E. Private
John Hargrave Private
Jordon, William H. Private
Kaehline, William Private
Kibby, Edgar Private
Laughlan, J. M'Donald Private
Lewis, John M. Private
Magill, Eugene Private
Markley, Levi K. Private
Marley, Frederick Private
M'Carty, William. Private
M'Coy, John Private
M'Dowell, William H. Private
Mellis, Edward S. Private
Peters, William Private
Pierce, Andrew Private
Rogers, James M. Private
Rush, Lawrence Private
Service, Henry S. Private
Shearer, William A. Private
Sunderland, George Private
Tomlinson, Enos F Private
Tomlinson, Thomas P. Private
Townsend, Stephen Private
Walker, William Private
Widdifield Henry A. Private

Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.






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