25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company F

Recruited at Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Mustered in May 2, 1861




Henry M'Cormick Captain
William W. Jennings 1st Lieutenant
George Fisher, 2d Lieutenant
James R. Kemble 1st Sergeant
George William Boyd 2d Sergeant
Henry Potts, Jr. 3d Sergeant
George A. Brooks 4th Sergeant
Eugene Snyder 1st Corporal
Henry C. Doll 2d Corporal
Joshua W. Muench 3d Corporal
John M. Major 4th Corporal
Alricks, William K. Private
Andrews, Zachary T. Private
Bigler, John A. Private
Boat, Abraham Private
Bolmer, Benjamin F. Private
Boyd, Jacob M. Private
Brooke, Jacob P. Private
Care, John Private
Carson, William H. Private
Cathcart, Thomas L., Jr. Private
Conrad, James Private
Corl, George V. Private
DeHavan, William H. Private
Doan, Aaron Private
Elder, John Private
Ensminger, John T. Private
Foster, Andrew J. Private
Fry, John W. Private
Fuller, George W. Private
Gotshall, John, Private
Greenawalt, Theodore D. Private
Hallock, William D. P. Private
Henderson, Samuel J. Private
Hickok, Edmund H. Private
Hill, Richard Private
Horning, George Private
Humes, Thomas J. Private
Humphries, Guy C. Private
Jones, Ephraim N. Private
Mager, John C. Private
Martin, Thomas A. Private
Mather, Edmond Private
Mitchell, Joseph J. Private
Myers, George Private
Myers, William A. Private
Parke, John B. Private
Pickering, Henry Y. Private
Pilkay, Joseph J. Private
Platt, Charles N. Private
Pollock, Edwin Private
Rawn, Charles C., Jr. Private
Rhodes, John Private
Rice, George Private
Robinson, Peter Private
Rohrer, Jacob Private
Royer, John W. Private
Sample, Thomas Private
Santo, Andrew Private
Simmons, Oliver B. Private
Small, Arthur F. Private
Smith, Albert Private
Stewart, James Private
Swartz, Jacob A. Private
Troupe, John R. Private
Ward, Albert C. Private
Weir, James W. Private
Winebrenner, Albert M. Private
Witman, Edward L. Private
Witman, Luther R. Private
Woodley, William W. Private
Worrall, Isaac J. Private

Source: Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.






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