25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company C

"2d Ringgold Infantry"

Recruited at Reading, Berks County

Mustered in April 18, 1861



Henry Nagle Captain
E. L. Smith 1st Lieutenant
A. H. Seyfert 2d Lieutenant
Charles B. Ansart 2d Lieutenant
George W. Knabb 1st Sergeant
James Gentzler 2d Sergeant
Henry Whiteside 3d Sergeant
Jonathan Sherer 4th Sergeant
J. L. Kennedy 1st Corporal
E. T. Weist 2d Corporal
J. D. Koch 3d Corporal
R. R. Burkett 4th Corporal
Michael Moss Musician
Ash, Solomon Private
Bechtel, Aaron Private
Becker, J. P. Private
Becker, Joseph Private
Boyer, H. T. Private
Britton, William Private
Burrows, John Private
Carroll, William Private
Curtin, Patrick Private
Dickinson, Daniel Private
Donnigan, James Private
Dooley, John Private
Ebbling, E. G. Private
Eltz, Robert Private
Eppinger, John Private
Evans, Samuel Private
Foley, Edmund Private
Foren, Michael Private
Fox, H. T. Private
Frantz, C. C. Private
Fricker, Henry Private
Geiger, Henry Private
Haberacker, William Private
Henderson, John Private
Herbst, William Private
Housel, F. Private
Howard, David Private
Irving, William Private
Koch, Orlando Private
Lambert, Enoch Private
Lantz, P. A. Private
Lashorn, Maurice Private
Levan, A. H. Private
Mack, W. P. Private
Madara, William Private
M'Cabe, Edward Private
M'Donald, James E. Private
Morton, Lawrence Private
Nagle, John F Private
Parvin, Saul Private
Paul, John Private
Polte, Augustus Private
Pugh, William Private
Redcay, Charles J. Private
Reider, John Private
Roberts, William R. Private
Roy, Thomas C. Private
Sammon, James Private
Sanders, H. Private
Saurbier, William Private
Seitzinger, Charles Private
Seltzer, Frederick Private
Seltzer, J. G. Private
Shalter, Richard Private
Sheerey, Albert Private
Sheerey, George Private
Smeck, Frank Private
Smith, William H. Private
Spangler, Charles Private
Strunk, H. C. Private
Watkins, Andrew Private
Yeager, E. S. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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