25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers


Source:  U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center
(formerly the U. S. Army Military History Institute)

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Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Auman, William - AumanColl (Officer's papers and news clippings, l86l-l863)

Beary, Frank D. - Papers from members of regiment, Apr l8-Jul 23, l86l)

Corl, George V. - HCWRTColl-FlinchbaughColl (Enlisted man's letters, Jun l2-24, l86l)

Delp, Hannah - CWMiscColl

Haas-Jones-Curry Family - HCWRTColl (Officer and enlisted man's annotated letters, l86l-l864)

Pollock, Curtis C. - CivilWarMiscColl (Officer's transcribed letters, Apr l86l-Aug l, l864)

Richards, M. Edgar - CWMiscColl (Officer's letters, Feb 2l, l854-Mar 7, l864)

Thompson, Heber S. - HCWRTColl (Officer's diary Apr 30-Jun 29, l864)

Wren, James - Papers (Officer's diary and official papers, Feb 22, l850-May 25, l863; muster-out roll, Jul l8, l86l; officer's letters, Feb 20-May l8, l863)






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