140th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers


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Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Acheson, Alexander W. - PASaveFlagsColl (Officer's transcribed letters, Sep 11, 1862-Nov 27, 1864)

Acheson, David - PASaveFlagsColl (Officer's diary and published letters, Jul 26, l862-Jul 28, l863)

Arthur-Russell-Williams Families - PASaveFlagColl (Enlisted men's letters, Dec 14, 1862-Jan 12, 1865)

Graham, Joseph S. - CWMiscColl-GrahamColl (Enlisted man's letters, Apr 18, l856-Feb 11, 1868)

Hood, Gibson - LeighColl Bk 2: 6l (Corporal's letters, Nov 4, Dec 18, 1863)

McCoy, Charles M. - LeighColl Bk 2: 61 (Enlisted man's letter, Jan 17, 1863)

Mitchell, John - MitchellColl

Moody, Joseph - LeighColl Bk 2: 61 (Sergeant's diary and letters, Aug 21, 1862-Jul 28, 1863; company roster, 1865)

Paul, Philo V. - PASaveFlagsColl (Enlisted man's transcribed diary, Nov 18, 1863-May 11, l864)

Paxton, Wilson - CWMiscColl (Officer's transcribed diary, Aug 17, 1862-Aug 12, 1865)

Pennsylvania l40th Infantry Regimental Papers BrakeColl (Officer's published memoir, Jul 2-Jul 9, 1863.

Pennsylvania l40th Infantry Regimental Papers - TimBrookesColl (Unknown soldier's transcribed diary, Jan l-Dec 25, 1863)

Russell, Francis M. - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's diary, Dec 17, 1862-Apr 23, 1863)






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