133d Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Letter to Colonel Franklin B. Speakman

Contributed by Marcia Fronk

Camp Chase,
August 23rd, 1862

Col. Spiekman,

Dear Sir:

The members Capt. John M. Jones' Company are desirous to lay before you certain grievances we are anxious to see settled. Knowing you to be a gentlemanly officer who will deal justice to the privates under your command, we, therefore, implore you to interfere in our behalf. The case we have under consideration is as follows:

Our Second Lieutenant, Francis M. Flannagin, is not capable to discharge the duties required of him. We do not, by any means, wish to be lacking in drill, but such, surely, will be the case if Lieut. Flannagin will remain in office. The other day we petitioned the company, asking the said Lieutenant to resign, which was signed by 59 members. Yesterday, we presented the petition in to him, and received an answer today. His reply was in the negative.

We are therefore compelled to ask you, Sir, to interfere in the matter, which we hope and pray you will do, for the sake of us, who are willing and anxious to serve our country, and die in its behalf if such requirements will be asked of us; but, before we enter upon the field of battle, we want to be efficient in the knowledge of drill.

Knowing that you possess the power to remove an officer under your command, we, therefore, ask you to remove the aforesaid lieutenant so as to enable us to fill the vacancy.

We have a private in our company who we are anxious to place over us. He is thoroughly acquainted with the present drill, and is a first class drill master and if only elected Lieutenant, he will have the company perfect in the manual of arms.

Hoping to hear from you soon, we remain yours,

The Members of the Company.

P. S. Enclosed you will find the petition.

Source:  Pennsylvania State Archives, Records Group 19, 4-4035






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