11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company K

Recruited Greensburg, Westmoreland County
Mustered in April 24, 1861



William B. Coulter Captain
Henry L. Donnelly First Lieutenant
Jacob 0. Lowry Second Lieutenant
Nicholas Bridenthall First Sergeant
John D. Weaver Second Sergeant
James White Third Sergeant
James M'Kinney Fourth Sergeant
Daniel M'Carty First Corporal
Andrew J. Schall Second Corporal
Alexander T. Fulton Third Corporal
Charles F. Smith Fourth Corporal
Robert M'Carty Musician
Patrick A. Williams Musician
Anderson, George C. Private
Brinker, Cyrus Private
Beatty, Oliver Private
Beebe, Ezra R. Private
Brinker, Jeremiah Private
Brubaker, Benjamin Private
Bitner, Henry Private
Brinker, Christopher C. Private
Baker, Jacob S. Private
Barger, John J. Private
Baker, John A. Private
Baker, Enos Private
Coulter, Joseph Private
Chambers, Eli Private
Campbell, Noah Private
Cannon, Alexander Private
Douglass, John S. Private
Everett, Peter Private
Foster, William G. Private
Foster, James W. Private
Fulton, Henry W. Private
Gebhart, John W. Private
Graham, Paul F. Private
Hinckley, Abel H. Private
Hughes, Jacob Private
Hostler, Gabriel Private
Hoon, George Private
Johnston, George K. Private
Kelta, Anthony Private
Keltz, Alexander Private
Kuhns, William Private
Kerr, John A. Private
Knox, William C. Private
Lowry, Benjamin Private
Landis. George Private
Lander, Charles Private
Moore, Joseph H. Private
M'Nutt, John E. Private
M'Chesney, William B. Private
M'Gough, Thomas Private
Mickey, John A. Private
Mitchell, James Private
M'Curdy, James C. Private
M'Curdy, John P. Private
M'Wherter, Samael G. Private
Murdock, Samuel Private
Newcomer, John H. Private
Newcomer, Joshua Private
Nicely, Alexander Private
Nicewonger, Jacob T. Private
Nichols, John Private
Oursler, John Private
Peiper, Henry B. Private
Roberts, Robert IR. Private
Ross, Lewis Private
Reed, John E. Private
Strickler, William C. Private
Schall, Absalom Private
Skelly, Philip S. Private
Stump, Anthony Private
Mteel, Andrew Private
Swartz, Joshua Private
Smith, Laban Private
Vennata, John C. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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