11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company I

Recruited Greensburg, Westmoreland County
Mustered in April 24, 1861



Richard Coulter Captain
William R. Terry First Lieutenant
Jacob W. Greenawalt Second Lieutenant
James W. Goodlin First Sergeant
Walter J. Jones Second Sergeant
James M'Bride Third Sergeant
Robert T. Story Fourth Sergeant
Benjamin Keighley First Corporal
Robert Anderson Second Corporal
Jacob N. Thomas Third Corporal
Edward H. Gay Fourth Corporal
Augustus Smith Musician
Mosheim G. Steck Musician
Bennett, John Private
Biggert, James Private
Bear, William H. Private
Bryant, William C. Private
Bear, Henry Private
Burker, Amos Private
Bovard, Joseph Private
Casterwiller, William Private
Caldwell, Marcus H. Private
Cook, David R. Private
Cook, James T. Private
Cribbs, George R. Private
Cribbs, William C. Private
Caushey; Lebbeus B. Private
Crowell, Isaac Private
Crowell, Daniel B. Private
Coulen, Peter Private
Eicher, Daniel H. Private
Frable, Augustus F. Private
Feightner, William Private
Grier, William T. Private
Gant, William Private
Honell, Napoleon J. Private
Hartman, Daniel H. Private
Hilty, Samuel Private
Harwick, Charles A. Private
Hawk, Norval Private
Holtz, John H. Private
Hosack, John Private
Jackson, John Private
Kellering, Daniel Private
Kuhns, Henry Byers Private
Longhner, Aaron Private
Long, Josiah Private
Low, Michael Private
Lensebigler, Israel Private
Leopold, Augustus Private
Mellinger, George Private
M'Clelland, Richard Private
M'Connell, Charles. Private
Mechling, William Private
Mechling, Benjamin F. Private
M'Donald, Robert Private
Painter, Tobias G. Private
Pratt, Ralph Private
Repass, Daniel Private
Reinhardt, Henry Private
Schaney, Michael Private
Simous, Henry Private
Screur, Philip Private
Stayer, Joseph Private
Sarver, John M. Private
Story, William M. Private
Story, John Private
Seton, Monroe B. Private
Shipley, Albert Private
Todd, James Private
Temple, Henry B. Private
Willyard, David Private
Williams, Henry H. Private
Weaver, Francis A. Private
Woodcock, William Private
Weigley, Isaac Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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