11th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company H

Recruited Danville, Mountour County
Mustered in April 26, 1861



William M. M'Clure Captain
Samuel Hibler First Lieutenant
Thomas Maxwell Second Lieutenant
John Doyle First Sergeant
Jonathan Waters Second Sergeant
Lawson Carroll Third Sergeant
Seth Freeze Fourth Sergeant
William Roberts First Corporal
Jerome A. Harder Second Corporal
William E. Susholtz Third Corporal
Philip Renn...... Fourth Corporal
Frank Lewis Musician
Charles Mumma Musician
Aggry, Henry Private
Arter, William O. Private
Bonnshleger, Frederick Private
Beaumont, Charles Private
Burns, John Private
Burns, James Private
Cuthbert, Edward Private
Cuthbert, William R. Private
Crdssley, Daniel P. Private
Clare, John Private
Cain, James Private
Coup, Petor M. Private
Clar Jesse C. Private
Deshay, William Private
Deshay, John Private
Davis, Thomas C. Private
Davis, Thomas C. Private
Day, Andrew Private
Devers, James Private
Devers, Isaiah Private
Everdale, George Private
Elliott, James Private
Frick, Augustus G. Private
Farren, William J. Private
Fairhild, George. Private
Field, Robert Private
Goodrich, Maxwell Private
Goodrich, William C. Private
Galligan, Thomas Private
Gibbs, Moses M. Private
Gibbons, Moses Private
Green, Patrick Private
Harper, Samuel Private
Howell, Thomas Private
Jenkins, Charles Private
Kulp, Elias Private
Kelly, William Private
Lee, John Private
Moore, James G. Private
Mellen, Isaac Private
Millen, William H. Private
Murray, Matthias Private
M'Carty, Clarence Private
M'Guire, Andrew Private
M'Gor, William Private
M'Ardle, James Private
M'Cann, James Private
Oakes, Peter M. Private
Paugh, John Private
Petrusky, Herman Private
Quick, John G. Private
Ridgeway, Edwin O. Private
Rishel, Daniel Private
Reid, John C. Private
Reily, Martin Private
??eo-lY, Mrin... Private
Rodgers, Charles... Private
Roberts, Caleb Private
Riddle, Richard Private
Stoddent, Thomas Private
Suppinger, Amos Private
Sherr, Adolph Private
Toole, Thomas Private
Taylor, Martin Private
Weidle, Joseph Private
Watkins, Edwin Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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